In Oprah We Trust

Oprah reaches out to all religions with her series Super Soul Sunday, as she encourages spirituality amongst all.

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For 25 years Oprah, through The Oprah Show, has provided her audience with inspiration and faith. Through her relentless faith and fortitude she has established herself as a believer amongst all of her viewers. If her viewers see the name Oprah next to a product or review, there is a subconscious approval and intrigue that follows because her judgment and words of wisdom are appreciated and respected.

When developing the idea for Super Soul Sunday, Oprah felt compelled to be open to all faiths and to display the unity amongst spirituality. “For me spirituality means living your life with an open heart to kindness, grace, gratitude, forgiveness, faith, courage, truth, love and ultimately divine law,” Oprah said.

When Oprah says, “Super Soul Sunday is my favorite show on OWN and the real reason I wanted a network” – you believe it! “This show symbolizes the reason why I wanted to stay in television and didn’t glide off into the sunset on a boat somewhere after ending the 25 year run of The Oprah Show,” Oprah said.

Oprah believes that we are all on the same human road and should embrace spirituality together, regardless of faith because no matter how you decide to see it our faith defines our spirituality. Although, we may have different beliefs in essence everything derives back to the foundation of spirituality and the idea of a greater power providing us with guidance and substance.


“I wanted to use television to drop little pieces of light into our consciousness,” Oprah said. Super Soul Sunday feeds your soul and provide spiritual fulfillment other television programs cannot offer. The show allows faith leaders and activists to have a platform to speak about their spirituality. Rainn Wilson, actor from the humorous sitcom The Office, recently appeared on the program to discuss his creation SoulPancake that serves as a forum for spirituality. “It’s a tough world to navigate, and Super Soul Sunday gives us expert voices and inspiring thinkers to help us on this achingly human journey,” Wilson said.

Deepak Chopra, arguably one of the most famous American alternative medicine practitioners, made a guest appearance on Oprah’s show to discuss and educate viewers on the basics of meditation. Chopra described Super Soul Sunday as a classroom where experienced teachers, like him, can teach others about themselves and what they’re capable of achieving. “Super Soul Sunday offers this gift to you – change yourself and transform the world,” Chopra said.

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