Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?

Prominent bishops are pulling out. Convention-goers were told headquarters had spent $18 million suing local congregations. Members are leaving at a record rate. This is no longer George Washington’s church – once the largest denomination in the colonies.


08/06/2012 12:11:04 AM

I left the episcopal church before the ordination of the Gay Bishop. Many things never made sense. The Catholic church was established by Christ with St Peter as the 1st pope. I believe in the apostolic succession. The episcopal church seems to mirror the secular society. It seems to be trying to make God more like us instead of us more like what God intended. I don't believe God intended over 40,000 denomiations. The reformers in the 1500's should have worked within the church to reform abuses. Also, the removal of 7 books from the old testament was also a problem for me. With the Pope and magisterium, the Catholic Church will not change doctrine or morals.


07/14/2012 12:30:47 PM

Tregonsee, that's because official instructions for membership rolls at Episcopal parishes (as stated in Parochial report instructions) are that a member isn't dropped unless they die or are transferred to another Episcopal (or sometimes a Lutheran) parish. When members leave for another denomination, they are still officially "on the books." Add to that that some just drift away from church once children are baptized or confirmed, and most numbers that are bandied about are highly inflated.


07/12/2012 08:44:47 AM

The drop in membership is actually much greater than admitted. The departed diocese and churches are still listed as being part of TEC in official documents. I left as an individual, and while the parish promptly dropped me from their mailing lists, the diocese is still sending me newsletters 6 years later.