Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The Yuletide season is perhaps our most beloved holiday, embraced worldwide by both the devout and the secular. However, some Christians are alarmed. Some even say that it's time to declare "Bah, Humbug!"

BY: Rob Kerby, Senior Editor


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“Support your local public domain Christmas Tree or Manger display. If your local town does not believe it to be politically correct for religious expressions to be on public property, stand up and loudly disagree!

“Proclaim that you, as a non-Christian, are very much happy with, and desirous of traditional American Christmas expressions, and the more public they are, the better it is for everyone!

“So, allow me, as a proud, practicing American Jewish Orthodox Rabbi, wish to all my Christian neighbors a sincere and warm Merry Christmas.

“And, to all my Christian neighbors who embrace Christmas, please allow me to echo the sentiments of many ministers and pastors. Keep the focus of this holiday on God, on the Bible, and on peace on earth and good will towards man. Differences of doctrine do not matter when unity of morals and righteousness takes precedence.

Vintage Christmas card

Vintage Christmas card

“If we embrace this together," writes the rabbi, "I believe that we will all be taking a great step forward in being a witness to the true power and spirit of our blessed God and Creator!

"Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!”

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