Picking Jesus' Super Bowl Team

The idea of Jesus tuning into the big game sparked a conversation between me and my husband, former NFL Pro Bowl Safety and current St. Louis Rams' defensive coach Chuck Cecil, about whether God really cares about football.


02/04/2013 08:53:30 AM

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02/03/2013 11:06:29 PM

Noble Morrell, Sr. - Christian sojourner who is seeking the way Yes, God cares about us all since we are His children. According to my take on the life and teachings of Jesus, as Christians our emphasis needs to be on caring for the poor, taking a stand on injustice, living simply so that others can simply live, etc. If the super bowl and all of its hype and focus on things material fulfill that calling and contribute to God's Garden of Love here on earth, then sign me up. Otherwise, I'll enjoy it for what it is, an evening of entertainment that gives me respite from the tasks that God is calling me to do.