Pastor defies bureaucrats, goes to jail for hosting a home Bible study

Michael Salman faces a 60-day sentence and $12,000 fine after Phoenix, Arizona, police catch his family having church again.


08/14/2012 02:10:02 PM

I have one of these homes being used as a church in my neighborhood. The church service isn't being held 'once in a while', it's a few times a week and EVERY Sunday. The neighborhood is overrun with parked cars. After the "service", the fellowship lasts well into the night, 3-4am. The 'overseer' as the pastor is called, teaches that smoking marijuana is a gift from God, drinking alcohol is good for calming you down and also sanctioned by God and you are free to act out your sexuality in any way that makes you happy. You are loved by God and are free to be who you are. Hmmmm. Of course this attracts people who want to feel good about themselves no matter what they do. Cult comes to mind. Unfortunately this house is next door to mine.


08/14/2012 08:13:54 AM

Mr Salman is claiming tax exempt status for a church when it suits him and claiming he is not running a church when it suits him. Sorry, no sympathy for this man coming from me. Those of you supporting him may want to consider that he wants it both ways. Well, you can't always get what you want..can you?


08/14/2012 03:15:19 AM

perhaps he should not have applied for any type of tax exemption and just invited family and friends to gather, anyone knows when you expect something from the govt. the govt. expect something from you. I quite sure just inviting friends and family is still legal, but it is also obivous that church is a profitable empire and Uncle Sam states: "Cut him in or cut it out!" while Mr. Salman says all his proceeds go to his Heavenly Father whom Mr. Uncle Sam have no real knowledge of and have no desire in knowing about cause he feels he wil do all the saving of souls and whatever else himself, but truth will be here even when the government change hands or cease to be, so Mr. Salman please get your priorties in prespective , your on the right trace, now straighten it out, you are doing the right thing but it seems as if you are going about it the wrong way. in reading this we all should learn something from whatever mistakes were made here. Praise the Heavenly Father, you Have to keep onto your faith Mr Salman and you will prevail, just do it right from here on like Jesus did so that your adverseries have to keep their thoughts to themselves be it they like what you do or not. Ok?