When Your Faith Isn't Faith Based

While some religions are founded on a creedal code and prosper, Hinduism maintains a fierce independence of thought.


09/13/2011 07:50:52 PM

Many of the more simplistic, conventional Abrahamist sects are often driven by teleological and tribal doctrines, which are self evidently untrue. This necessitates constant damage control to the sect by means of decongnitive double talk, at the expense of the reasoning faculties of the membership. Some Abrahamist sects today, though, have become more driven by Law of Attraction type ideas, and the teachers steer clear of teleological doctrines and arbitrary taboos. With this healthier outlook, such sects have begun to function in a more healthy manner, like Hindu or Buddhist ones. True faith is not simply belief, but a constant reconnection with the intentions toward, possibilities of, and social engineering required to achieve an earthly order that is more like Heaven. That one claims to believe something in order to obtain instant status in a sect is pretty strong evidence that the claim, itself, is in all likelihood not an authentic one.