The Heart of Mantra Meditation

Learn how to tame the mind through the Hare Krishna mantra.


03/13/2012 05:55:30 AM

Dear Svami Hare is a title for Hari, it is the manner how to adress him, some say it means the same like hara, But the meaning of that is thief. Now in that light I supposed it is Krishna himself! in his Damodara lila the ghee thief, ghee= butter, thief = hara still thief inSanskrit. The pleasure reservoir of the Divine person Krishna is Radharani! Not Shri Rama, Shri Rama is the origine of joy, the well, like cool clean water out the well is the best thing when you are thirsty. and one more small thing what you call the love in every person is the soul, and the soul is love, pure sat-! Goodnes ,you dont need a mantra for it to wake up your soul, or meditation, follow the buddhist principles in your live. Ohnesty, non violence, ahimsa one sanskrit translation of the word. The real origine and cornerstone of spirituality is only ohnesty! In your thoughs and words. Read about Shi Raam, the Valmiki Ramayana for the real example how to live A litle advice,try a few weeks to sing Sri Raam jay Raam Jay jay Raam and think Rama (pronounced like Raam) the love (soul), joy fills your mind. And it is realy easy think just Rama, disturb? think on the name Raam , Rama Raam (the recitation of the name of Rama (Raam gives the real love by Bhaktisidhanta Vinod Thakura acarya Gaudia math)