Making Room for Gay in Gayatri: Hinduism and Homosexuality

When it comes to matters of sexuality, the Hindu Dharma has a wonderful opportunity to show the world its true enlightened thinking.


03/04/2012 08:22:48 PM

From The Author Rose: I wholeheartedly agree that there are many in the gay community who feel the need to be SO in your face about their orientation. I am offended as well. But I understand that the root of this comes from being kept down & out of sight for so long, & now they have this freedom to express themselves. Unfortunately, they do so in a very immature way. They remind me of when I discovered my heterosexuality in 6th grade. I did stupid things too. But I was in 6th grade. I know gays who get grossed out by the behavior you describe. It is my hope that as the movement grows up you'll see less silliness. In response to dolsz24, I'm so very sorry for your situation. Yes, I know that Indian parents can have a very hard line on this issue. I do pray that you do not marry a man as you expect to. You will cause a living hell for both of you. I know several gay men & women (non-Indian or Hindu) who fell into that trap & ended up ruining their lives& the lives of the people they married.. Obviously, your father is quite ill informed. How many people do you know who would CHOOSE to live a life of emotional scarring, shunning & societal judgement? This is why I wrote what I did. Just because we come from (or have adopted) this very enlightened tradition does not mean that everyone approaches life with the attitude of compassion & acceptance. If you ever want to communicate with people in similar positions please let me know. I can arrange that.


02/04/2012 12:31:25 PM

the title doesn't work if it tries to play with the 'gay' bit in the name. Gayatri is not pronounced as Gay-atri but as Guy-yuh-tree...


01/09/2012 06:29:22 PM

I'm very glad a friend of mine recommended that i read this post. Honestly, while I understand that our culture is ancient and wise therefore making it more accepting and tolerant (I am a hindu myself) I find that how we see ourselves within our culture and society outweigh our spiritual understanding of a matter. I myself am gay. And i've been this way for as long as i can remember yet i still try to hide the fact from my family and my indian friends because i know that once my secret is revealed, all hell will break loose. My family has this plan set out for me, that i need to get married and settle down with a nice indian boy. They're very conservative and traditional. I feel like while being gay itself is hard on its own. Being Hindu and being Gay is even harder. I respect and love my family too much to hurt them so eventually i will marry. But i know that deep within me i will never be happy with a man. I dont think that im doing anything wrong. I happened to fall in love with this person. and this person happened to be a girl. But im convinced that my family will not understand. I tried to speak to my dad about it once and he told me that "its called an alternative lifestyle for a reason. its something you choose. so you can choose to disgrace your family and be selfish if thats what you really want" We never spoke of it again =(


12/26/2011 09:20:35 AM

It is interesting to read your posts on beliefnet. Do I agree with what you are saying? I have had close contact with gays for a long time and in my opinion, everyone's sexual choice is a very personal matter which should not be forced onto others. I find, in the west, there is too much exhibitionism going on as far as homosexuality is concerned. Just take Justin Bieber. He is shown to be singing with a penis like microphone. And all these young girls and other fans go crazy. Lots of money paid for this kind of exhibitionism. I think it is disgusting to have this kind of character for your younger generation. It is atrocious behavior. Sex is not to be pushed or forced onto others. You make your choices behind closed doors and dont force me to tolerate it in public. To put it as past karmic reasons is to put a justification to it. It does not matter what you say but why force it on others?