A Hindu Response to Gay Rights

Exploring the current fight for equality in light of the ancient beliefs of Hinduism


08/15/2012 04:35:52 PM

The author writes of hesitancy to be supportive of gay rights because of how others will judge him for that. The actual condition is that one large group of US citizens who assume absolute entitlement to all the rights and privileges legally available to Americans demands the privilege of denying certain of those rights and privileges to the small group of US citizens who are not heterosexual. Insist that all citizens receive full and impartial equality of access to Constitutional rights. The only person whose judgement of your actions matters in any way is you. Withholding societal rights and privileges based upon sexual orientation -- which is decided by biology and chemistry for heterosexuals, homosexual, those asexual, and any other other condition I may omit -- is either wrong, or it is not; it cannot be both wrong and right. If it is possible to act to bring about change in this matter without bringing those actions to the attention of loved ones who may be upset, do so. Your goal is to do what is right, not to create unnecessary conflict. If your actions somehow come to the attention of family or friends who wish to pass judgement about those actions, be polite but firm about your decision. You are not obliged to either defend or explain your choice. Of course, that does not mean hostile belligerents will allow the matter to be tabled, or accept your right to make a decision they oppose. It is up to you to decide if this is a suitable deterrent to your personal sense of moral behavior. Avoid saying anything hostile or negative to anyone or about anyone, no matter what is said to you. This reduces verbal damage, and makes it easier for fences to mend in the future. Someone who despises your position today may well change their attitude in the future. After all, you already have changed yours.


08/03/2012 03:59:42 PM

Your a sad Christian passage states clearly that homosexual activity is an abomination and is forbidden . Read Galations 5:16-26 It tells you to not follow the flesh but to follow the spirit and those who delve into immorality will not s ee the kingdom of God.