Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi's inspirational quotes can teach us about truth, nonviolence, peace, and the power of universal love.


10/02/2009 08:03:00 PM There you can see about Ghandi. I hope you open your eyes to how Ghandi actually was.


07/29/2009 05:25:08 AM

Hari Om It is interesting to read something knowing fully well that that is not the truth.In Mahatma Gandhi's life there is no episode as is being mentioned.Can i get to know the point of reference so that it can be clarified.More than anything good words can be heard from any thing or any body.


07/20/2009 02:38:17 PM

jyoti There are many good people who have done good deeds without the perverse personalities and bigoted attitudes. Ghandi also said on more than one occasion that the black man was not a human but some sort of subhuman race that did not deserve salvation or help. He also spoke of women in the same manner. If we are going to put people out there as role models we need to find role models that walk the talk, not just spout pretty niceties and live a depraved life. I know no one is perfect but there are many other people who do not live in opposition of what they preach. Although they are getting harder to find each day.


07/20/2009 11:13:58 AM

revlynnmarie Your comment speaks more loudly about your personality (negative with perverse conotations) than Gandhi's. Any man that could save as many lost souls as Gandhi did and never harmed the anyone (even by your comment) cannot be evil even if you don't understand him. Not everyone is as negative as you and we see all the positive that he did.


07/18/2009 04:14:19 PM

I have a hard time taking seriously a man who slept naked with young girls (who were also naked) every night as young as 8 years old. When asked why he said it was a temptation he endured to make himself stronger. Apparently he didn't do anything with them but it is still creepy. It's the same thing Michael Jackson said about sleeping with young kids and we treated him as a criminal but we are suppose to accept such behavior from this old man because he was spiritual? I would hate to see that excuse used in a court of law. Oh wait, it has been and we convicted the leader of the polygamist Mormon group who used that excuse. So why do we still hold this guy up so high on a pedestal???