'The Love Guru': Lessons for Hindus

With 'The Love Guru' about to hit American theaters, Hindus must ask themselves: How will we handle this film?


07/03/2008 06:53:13 AM

You do not have to be a Hindu to feel sick of this movie. This movie is full of crude jokes about "male sex organ". Sadly and shockingly this movie is a very infantile piece of gags. In million years, I will never ever understand, why a world renowned spiritualist & Best Selling author like Dr. Deepak Chopra has come out in defense of this movie. At least two scenes in the movie will make you sick in your stomach. One of them, is students studying in a "gurukula" [Hindu Religious school] fighting with Guru's urine. That is disgusting even for those who love all types of comedy. Movies like The Party [1968] by Peter Sellers made fun of Indians and their mannerisms. But The Party was very tastefully done and as such even Indians love to watch that. I really wish "The Love Guru" movie was in "The Party [1968]" style. Then it would have been a grand success all over the world including India.