An Altar of My Own

Despite my teenaged rebellion, I've come to embrace my father's way of worshipping and even set up my own home altar.


10/22/2006 02:15:25 PM

in a way catholic do the same as hindu since they put up pictures and statues of the saints. My catholic mother is like that I in my own way have crosses and some statues, but I do not feel need to pray in front of them. I find God is everywhere and he/she can be count on where ever it maybe. God is good and God is love.


09/15/2006 06:22:05 PM

My own altar (and I am a Hare Krishna or Vaishnava) is so central to my home that I take it for granted and until I read this article I hadn't thought about how the several deities I have are important to my sadhana or spiritual practice. Deities are good because they help you focus, they encourage devotional thoughts throughout the day and they turn a home into an ashram, a sacred place of pilgrimage and refuge: it becomes God's home. He dwells there too.


09/15/2006 04:32:31 PM

I have always by family custom and personal conviction and feeling set up altars wherever i have lived. Sometimes the shrine was just an interesting rock in the yard or a small statue. My family always had "holy pictures' of saints and Bible scenes mixed with family photos and scenes. Blessings! Namaste JimO


09/15/2006 12:23:48 PM

Your needs for a home altar will depend on your tradition of course. I like to keep pictures of my guru and some of the gods on my nighttable, because I sit right in front of it to meditate. I also store some relevant books on the second shelf. However, if I want to do ritual puja, I need a lot more space. Right now we're trying to sell the house, and since images of Kali might scare off some potential buyers, all my religious paraphanalia is stored, (but still accessable.) danellesedai, just do what you can, what you feel you need to. A sacred space can consist of the left half of your dresser top, or it can be a whole room, or your whole back yard. I find that hanging pictures and small shelves on a blank wall allows for the creation of an "altar" without taking up much space. Think of the kamidana used in shinto, for example.


09/13/2006 03:51:42 PM

There is a writer by the name of Christopher Penczak (?) who has a book entitled "City Magick". It had a section discussing altars and home, even at work, and how with a bit of work even small spaces could be utilized. I would say this would be possible for any faith. My own personal altar is on a nice, old end table. It was up in my wife's attic and we were in the process of getting together a yard sale. I mentioned I may put my Athena figure on it, and then the rest sort of followed along. Ironically it belonged to a friend of hers, who used it for the same purpose.


09/12/2006 05:53:55 PM

Id like to set up a home altar/shrine but Im lacking the space so I just try to keep everything in one area and generally organized and clean.