On Navratri Festival, the Goddess Dances

The nine-day Navratri festival, commemorating the Goddess Durga's victory over a demon, is celebrated with joyous traditional Hindu dances.


10/27/2005 10:13:48 AM

The buffalo demon Mahisha represents untamed aggression and violence and bestial qualities in man. The Goddess is perfection, unconditional love and beauty. Like a loving lioness, Durga protects her cubs from this aggression, and slays the inner demons of her cubs by the power of her reassuring and unconditional love. She loves us into liberation. This is why Mahisha at the moment of his death is stearing right into his mother's eyes: they are one. He dissolves into the Goddess, and is liberated. He dies in ecstasy.


10/06/2005 01:59:24 PM

The goddess lives in us all, male and/or female. Being divine means being beyond our petty concepts of gender. The universes are a dance.