'The World Needs Love'

Spiritual leader, philosopher, writer, and educator Dada J.P. Vaswani talks about his mission.


06/26/2005 07:58:33 AM

I think the message is contained in the text and not the Title Amillius. After all the title is what the interviewer chose to call the piece. Love and Light....LeahRachel.


06/26/2005 03:35:54 AM

I beleive the title of this piece gives undesired purpose to 'need' rather than acknowledging it as the chosen illusion that it is. Might if have been better said, "The desire for Love serves the purpose of the Universe's gracious realization ."? This is why Krishna said, " No one outside of you may do you harm." Circumstances show uo to honor our desires with all the players to play their roles, at times difficult roles such as abuser or aggressor. We are all One Graciously Organized Design. We graciously share all experience for the purpose of love's expression. i hope it is just a question of poor translation. It strikes me odd that so many choose to play with 'need' when desire and purpose beneficially serve the truth of Being.


06/25/2005 10:54:04 PM

i belive. to much is lost in the emotion love what we need to acheav is understanding ,in this you can remove judgement and in that you remove the need to hate.then you can truely expeareanc true love and balance thous acheaving the higher nature. i pray this for all*


06/25/2005 02:12:09 PM

Thanks, LeahRachel, for the quote about "just enough religion in the world for men to hate each other." That pretty much sums it up, unfortunately. If we all practiced love and tolerance for ourselves, each other and the environment, the world would indeed be a place of light.


06/25/2005 08:26:53 AM

Finally! Someone who makes sense of it all. Although I am not about to run off and become a Hindu I have to agree with the statements about organized religion. Someone said, "there is just enough religion in the world to make men hate each other" and I believe it. Wars have been fought and people killed all in the name of religion. What kind of Supreme being would have that? It is time we all realized we are all connected and never mind what the other guy is doing, watch what you do. Love and Light....LeahRachel.