The Perils of Vedic 'Science'

Hindu nationalists, like U.S. evangelicals, are co-opting their nation's culture and calling bad science good.


10/28/2009 07:38:38 PM

Excellent article, it's so true.

04/26/2009 03:42:34 AM

its palpable that she does not looks the depth of the vedic sciences. it was widely acceptable by many of the scientiests like erwin schrodinger, oppenheimer , wigner laplace and .... etc .just not scientiets but well known poets and authers like romain rolland and ts elliot . if i started saying of it , keeps going........... then we can go for authentic sciences, it is much related with all hymms of vedas . no one can interpret with it by sayin non sense... let every one cherished the knowledge of indian ancient wisdom as said by some western phlioshophers . i would ask her to take right path while doing things ... inspite of saying vedas is oxymoron....


02/08/2005 11:58:20 AM

A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING. I dont know how much Ms. Meera Nanda knows about Vedas. If she does not know then it is fine . but if she does then she is in a very comfortable position because Shastras say that only two people enjoy the life: One who is called Gyani and the other who is Murkh. I leave it to the author to decide in which catagory she falls. One thing which I really dont understand why BJP is made scapegot for all it did. Rather the author should read Patanjali's Grammer, It mentions the influence of words pronunciation on the energy level of body. If you speak OUM 10 times it generates energy which flows towards the top and generates heat inside the body. this is my personal experience.


02/08/2005 05:47:00 AM

Can someone answer following question to help me understand the article: 1. Who are Hindus? 2. Who represents Hinus in India or world? 3. What is Veda, and how many of the readers have read it? 4. What is vedic creationism? 5. What is vedic cosmology? 6. What is the authentic meaning of 'Vedant' and who authenticates it? regards, LSK


02/04/2005 07:46:16 PM

I think its dangerous to look to scientific theories to augment or lend credence to your spiritual beliefs (and of course the reverse is even worse). Everyone throws around quantum mechanics like its common knowledge, but there's a bit more to it than most people imagine. And as for mystical experiences, they are by definition personal, and cannot be quantified. Keep science and religion separate or else you risk practicing both poorly. (speaking as a physics major and a buddhist)


02/04/2005 06:05:51 PM

I wonder if Meera Nanda knows that for years the National Institute of Health has been doing extensive research on the effects of prayer on healing and health, starting during the Clinton Admin.? Plus I'm sure indigenious health and folklore systems are studied all over the world (think Amazon)), why are the Vedas taboo to bring out into the open and God/Goddess forbid be proud of on a national level.


02/04/2005 01:31:03 AM

I hope the author learns from this experience, that in this day and age one cannot get away with unsustantiated and wild accusations. Without being challenged and picked-apart. This is is the Internet age, and every writer needs to be ready to back-up his material with specifics, and not just hand waving. Arjun


02/03/2005 06:45:38 PM

Meera obviously has an axe to grind and she isn't grinding it very effectively. Aurvedic Medicine saved my liver and my life after a long term love affair with Scotch whiskey! A Vedic physician named Light Miller told me that in less than 4 years I would be sick enough to die if I did not follow a strict liver and pancreas cleanse regime immediately. The Western Docs had no medicine or treatment to cleanse the liver, only offered a transplant. I did what she prescribed, stopped drinking and my liver scans look like those of a 25 year old teatotler. Not all wisdom rests in Western Science. By the way, a President who professes faith in God is NOT a threat to anyone. The Fundamentalists have not captured America, our President attends the National Cathedral and that is Episcopalian. Never heard tham described as "Fundamentalists". A lot of hysteria floating around these days!


02/03/2005 06:12:10 PM

That was a poorly written article. I had a very hard time following and digesting it. She makes so many generalizations without backing them up that I really don't know what else to say except that she seems to be more interested in attacking than in coming up with valid arguments or constructive criticism.


02/03/2005 02:18:03 PM

Vedic, Chinese Medicine, and other professionally licensed alternatives are valid and work well in conjuction with Medical Science and treatment. They are highly effective in assisting with the healing process or in maintaining one's health. The American medical industry would benefit their patients in blending these. Just be wary of "quacks" who also sell excess suppliments or treatments, chiropractors who don't do xrays, naturalpathics, psychiatrists, etc that do not do blood tests or LMT's or LMPs (licensed massage professionals) who "MUST" do 10 or more treatments to help you with your problem.


02/01/2005 03:12:20 PM

The Vedic disciplines are so valuable and may indeed be poetic echoes of physical laws being described by modern physics. They are supremely invaluable to medical science. But I sympathize with the author's complaint regarding the unevolved patriarchal element in Hinduism. All religions must eventually outgrow that misogynistic flaw to survive.


02/01/2005 02:02:26 PM

This is in response to Meera Nanda's article about the perils of Vedic science I am not Indian, was born in the US,however, I've visited India on 7 different ocassions and have been a student of Indian culture and philosophy for over 30 years. I agree that perhaps the BJP overdid it with making everything Vedic as science based. I can probably attribute that to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and others work starting in the late 70's reviving or bringing to the publics'attention many of the Vedic teachings and practises such as Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu, Yagyas, etc. Previous to that, meditation and Yoga. Having said that, I don't think pure western science has to worry about this marriage of Vedas and science. Science is not going away, in fact I'm sure it's thriving in India, just take a look at all the research going on there, not to mention computer science. I think the people can live and accept both notions. Perhaps if BJP comes to power again, then it will tone down the rhetoric.


02/01/2005 01:39:31 PM

If one examines the article carefully it is clear that the author has not backed up its sweeping accustion of the BJP Government by a single specific example. My conclusion, is that there is about 10% truth in the article and 90% wild acusations and sweeping claims , based on events taken totally out of context. Arjun


02/01/2005 11:26:09 AM

Well... the poll is kinda weird... It bunches up two things that are completely unrelated. I, for one, believe Ayurveda is a valid system of medicine (having seen effective improvement in my Asthma), but do not believe in creationism. I believe in Ayurveda because I happen to know scholars of that system of medicine who are quite scientific in their approach to medicine... trying to control nutrition as a way of naturally helping the body fight diseases. So, which do I choose?!


01/31/2005 11:43:13 PM

this article relates to the "Culture War" article, but instead of the USA it's India... a verbal "battle against science"... "has only aided the growth of pseudoscience, superstitions and tribalism"... so ends the article... so it's not only America that's having "culture anxiety"... so what does it take to live well together? over and over again respectfully communicating until the ray of hope lights up brighter and those who take the side of unreality start to see more clearly... peace to all.