Have You Ever Been Angry at God?

When tragedy strikes, many people become angry with God however he is always by our side.


03/07/2013 05:34:11 PM

Sure I've been angry at God. I lost my mom when I was only 19~now this is somewhat complicated. When I was 18 I aborted a child,18months before he "took" my mom from an inopebable brain tumor~Now when my mom became ill, my father went and swept everything under the perverbial rug. I didn't matter,what happened with the abortion never happened. JUST my mother,counted. I was pushed aside when I needed to be loved and held~She couldn't do it & he didn't care one bit about me. I'm still feeling the sting of his his emotional abandoment by him. It didn't just happen when I was 18~no it happened when I was only 7. That was when he found out that I had Epilepsy. I've been carrying around his betrayals of me for over 39 years. It hurts too much to talk about it~I begin crying my eyes out. AND I hate it when I "Give in" to my depression about this. My mom's passing has made me a stronger women. IN every way~except her passing and my son's abortion. IF I was only strong enough then to stand up to my dad then. My son,Jason Alan would be turning 40 this September. My father,never mentioned his grandson or what happened . I would have so loved to hear his apology for what he made me do. Especially since I was adopted after my biologicial mom gave ME UP.