God Is Not a Christian

Nobel Peace Prize winner and Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu shares the importance of embracing our religious diversity.


01/02/2012 10:42:58 PM

I think that when the good Bishop says "we shall never comprehend the divine completely" he is positing that, although God may be absolute, our meanings and understandings for God are RELATIVE and culture bound. This is why a physical destination or location, like London, is not what is being discussed. Rather he is arguing that all religions have a transcendent reference point, ie. a reference point that is a tremendous mystery (mysterium tremendum).


01/01/2012 04:36:04 PM

This is a correct statement – it is our position and our context which defines what is the other side – but to use that argument to apply to an object that is ABSOLUTE – the one and only God – that is wrong. For example – you can make love with your wife – but to say that whichever woman you make love with is your wife – that is wrong. Or to go to a destination (say London) – we can reach there by plane – but to jump into any plane and expect that to fly to London – that is wrong – his statement of other side of the road is correct – but if that other side is the even number – then, there is only ONE side.


11/01/2011 11:08:42 AM

amazing - and well said......only - the references to God as "he" - not overly appreciated. i know that's cultural as well....but God doesn't have a gender - and "he" is not genderless - just try to refer to your mother, daughter, girlfriend as "he" - ..........


11/01/2011 10:55:06 AM

I was amazed and pleased to come across this article by Bishop Tutu. These have long been my beliefs and I am so glad to see someone of his stature embracing others, not condemning them just because they grew up in a different culture with different religious views. I could never believe in a God who refused to welcome a good person just because they were not a Christian. Thank you, Bishop Tutu.


09/09/2011 02:56:09 PM

I am glad I read this. He is truly enlightened.


05/01/2011 10:41:37 PM

Adupe'o Mr. Bishop Tutu. You are truly a child of god. I'm spiritual, and believe in the ways of my african ancestors. IFA. I get criticized, judged by family, friends and people (who are christians) who don't know what IFA represents. I believe strongly in everything that was mentioned in your experts. We already live in a systematic designed world that has purposely conquered and divided us. Why can't the majority of the uncorupt religious (christians) understand this, and embrace their fellow men and women, who at least believe in a higher power, GOD. We already live in a sydistic society that consistantly expose, and exploit our chidren to materialistic unhealthy values, perversion, and viloence, teaching them that its cool. That alone should bring the real chidren of god together and stop judging arogantly on others belief system. Love, Peace and Power to the People. One.


04/26/2011 03:22:26 PM

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Bishop Tutu! I pray that your message of love, courage, tolerance, and inclusiveness is received by all here with equal sensitivity and loving intent regardless of one's religious beliefs. God bless you for the continuing reminders that we're all far more alike than different!