Will Christianity and Islam merge into Chrislam?

Are Muslims and Christians about to combine into a worldwide mega-religion?


03/15/2013 03:49:42 PM

Maybe Islam would have credibility if their main scripture was written by a sane person instead of one individual who just happens to be a child molester.


03/13/2013 01:35:31 PM

@FABNY "They say kill Christians and we say Love and Pray." First you say you are at war with Islam, then you say "oh no, but we pray for them only"? This is ridiculous, muslims are getting killed every day by christians in africa. Clearly you have never been to Islamic country like Pakistan or Morocco, you just don't know real Islam. The violent muslims are wahabis, very slim wing of fundie muslims. Normal muslim, sunni or shia (95% of all muslims) won't kill a fly. And I guarantee you, there are more violant christians than muslims. If christians were following their bible, alcohol would be prohibited too, they just feel like "oh well, god won't be mad if I drink beer or five." You need to understand Islam is total submission to the wil of God, if God says "be mindful all the time", you try your best to be. @Ron_T Because they are not muslims, if you kill one man you kill whole humanity, that's what Quran says. Todays christians are descendant of blood-hungry christians of middle ages, dark ages, you read the same bible which they were reading, yet you don't feel compulsions to kill unvelievers or pagans like Romans in 325 ad, or your fellow believers in dark ages? Why is that, it's the same bible. Or maybe you read the wrong bible? "...and to some degree lesser than Mohamed." No, Quran says that no prophet is better than another. I'm really disappointed to read comments like yours, who just want to spit on religion you don't like without basic understandings of it, or base your understanding on hateful islamophobic sites.


03/07/2013 09:34:49 AM

NEVER HAPPEN...Even though I wish the American booze society had laws like the Muslims. We are at WAR with Islam. They say kill Christians and we say Love and Pray. We should be ashamed of our liquor laws that allow booze to control the minds of our young football fans throughout the whole game. Did you know in Dubai you can't even buy it!!! and if you get caught under the influence it's off to jail on the first offence.!!! When I see the slogan THIS BUDS FOR YOU all I think of is a tree in bloom in spring with a car full of teens wrapped around it with their lives extinguished to and empty beer cans inside. Besides.....who would want to go to a football game where all the girls wear Burkas!!!


02/27/2013 10:10:42 PM

arlandra, I realize that you wrote your comment a few months ago, but I felt that I had to comment on yours. You stated quite a few Bible verses and in almost every they were out of context! I think that you don’t really understand what you are quoting You speak of the fact that the Quran speaks nicely of Jesus and his mother Mary. First and most importantly, Jesus was not JUST one in a line of prophets and to some degree lesser than Mohamed. Quran says that Jesus was not crucified and resurrected as payment in full for the sins of those that accept him as the Savior. The Quran degrades the position an authority of Jesus. The Bible quotes Jesus as claiming: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life – No man cam come to the Father except through Me (Jesus) The Bible and Christianity claims Jesus as God with the Holy Spirit and that is Islamic blasphemy. Christians are your brothers? Why are Christians killed and anyone Muslim that tries to learn about Christianity killed. Why are Sunnis bombing Non Suni mosques? Why do Muslims bomb children’s school busses? Why did Muslims Murder three thousand plus in the Trade Centers? Why do they bomb market centers and then set off the second bomb to kill the people who come to help the innocent wounded? The things that you mention was done hundreds of years ago, but what I state is still going on in Muslim countries. Maybe you are reading the wrong Quran and/or you don’t keep up with the news. SHA-ALU SHALOM YIRUSHALAYIM


11/27/2012 12:25:13 AM

it saddens me that many Christian have such a hatred towards Islam, having never really knowing anything about it, Christ and his mother Mary play a very inportant roll in Islam, of the 66 books of your King James VERSION, not TRANSLATION Mary is mention several times, in the Quran there is a complete Sura devoted to her. it was John which Wrote 3:16 not God or Christ. but many Christians become angered to explain Genesis 6:2 or exodus 4:22 or Pslams 2:7"I will declare the decree the Lord hath said onto me, Thou art my son; this day I have begotten thee... or luke 3:38 or Romans 8:14 or John 20:29 the father is greater then me Christ says, your own Bible not Islams, many of you call Islam a violent religion, but each time someone speaks of opening a dialog it is your kind which do not respond as a Christian not even Christ Like, which is what a Christian truly is, one that preaches the Gospel of Christ, but I guess you knew that all ready. perhaps you should read the lords prayer. there are (8) eight positive nouns express in that prayer, thy kingdom, thy Power, thy glory, thy name, not their name, their, power, their glory. and JrKjj which wrote "We need to come together as christians and get rid of them by throwing them out of OUR Country. is the attitude of 1400s escaping from England to the dutch and then when you were thrown from there you came to this country and attempted to wipe out the Indian, your attitude towards Islam only proves you lack of knowledge in your own religion and history. these Sites should come with an IQ test, if you fail the test you will be unable to join. but remember this... many will say to me on that day, Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name cast out devils, and in thy name done many wonderful works. And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU DEPART FROM ME YE THAT WORK INIQUITY. No one is asking you to change,far from it, only that you read your Bible with your own mind, Listen to the word of Christ and no Interpretation. for in the Quran Christian are consider our brothers...peace and blessings to you all..


09/21/2012 08:25:33 AM

Tell warren, he is going against The Word and he needs to be thrown out of the pulpit if he is trying to combine the 2 religions. We have gone to far already letting the so-called good muslims into this country and build their Mosques. They all need to be gathered up and sent back to where they came from because everyone of them, without exception, are here to hurt us and take over our country and dummy in the whitehouse is the leader!!!!!!!!! Warren you are a jerk if this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one will fight with everything I have to keep those people away from my community. They are so devisive and liars!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree 100% with pmksou There is the one and only True God and they would have to kill me before I would bow to their fake god. We need to come together as christians and get rid of them by throwing them out of OUR Country.


03/15/2012 08:08:42 AM

I hope that they are wrong about Christianity merging with Islam. As Dynamitewoman said, "This is an abomination to our Lord! He is the one and only God there is and ever shall be. I WILL NOT CHANGE MY FAITH OF CHRISTIANITY?


12/04/2011 01:23:41 PM

This is an abomination to our Lord! He is first and only and will not be merged with some anti-Christian concept that denies his glory and omnipotence.This is some man made device to convert Christain followers into a religion that condones and advocates child abuse, murder, pedophelia and subjugation of women. The Islamic faith has every right to co-exist, but not to dominate and control! America is being overrun with those that want to corrupt everything from our politics to our economy, and this "new" faith is one of them. There is one God, and one truth, and those that seek to change or alter that with lies and improvisations are satanists. PERIOD!


11/26/2011 10:18:32 PM

Definitely NOT. Muslims do not believe in the Lord of all Jesus Christ. They say they accept Jesus as a prophet which he is not. And that their Jesus will come back with their machdee and tell everyone that he did not die on the cross it was someone else and that he is going to break every cross and that everyone who is either Christian or Jewish must convert to Islam or he (their Jesus) will put them all to death. This is contrary to what the Holy Bible teaches and people who do not know their bibles like Rick Warren (feel good preacher) are being deceived. The bible does say that in the later days many would turn away from the TRUTH.


11/26/2011 02:51:33 PM

Whenever there is an attempt to make ONE religion, we always end up with ONE MORE religion!