Bishop TD Jakes Star Studded Surprise Party

Jakes Family Celebrates Life, Marriage and Ministry

The Jakes Family Celebrate 30 years of marriage, 35 years in ministry and 55 years of life!

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T.D. Jakes: It's time to forgive

Can you forgive?

He's the pastor of one of the biggest churches in America. He says it's time to "Let It Go" so that you and I can be forgiven

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T.D. Jakes' Movie Takes Ministry to Hollywood

Ministry in Hollywood

T.D. Jakes encourages audiences to support "Jumping the Broom" for week two.

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T.D. Jakes in the Movies

T.D. Jakes on his new film "Jumping the Broom"

Discover what T.D. Jakes has been up to lately as he discusses his new film "Jumping the Broom"

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Why T.D. Jakes Stays Christian

TD Jakes talks about his favorite Christian and more!

The mega-preacher discusses his favorite Christian, his annoyance with politics, and even recites his favorite Psalm.

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Mama Taught Me to Pray

How his mother taught him to pray

When his sister was seriously ill, T.D. Jakes's tough-minded mother stormed heaven with her prayers.

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