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Lessons Learned
At a young age, I can remember by mom always saying after I got in trouble from doing something I had no business, “I hope you learned your lesson”. Well, I can say in some cases I did but in other cases it took a second time for me to really get it. Now that I am adult, that question still rings heavy in my ear when I make mistakes. What lesson did I learn from that experience? What can I take from that in order to promote growth? What can I change about myself to be sure I do not repeat the same mistake? Often times God may give an answer right away but there are times He may take a while to answer in order for me to seek Him the more to know Him and find the lesson in it. Whatever His reason is, is not to hinder me but to help me! I am grateful for that. We all make mistakes in this life because we are not perfect people. But we must look at the mistakes as learning lessons and not stumbling blocks as we often do. Mistakes are MIS-TAKES which happens to each of us when we miss taking the experience we are in currently as an opportunity for growth and moving to the next level in life. As we move forward into a new year, let’s reflect for just a moment on the lessons learned from last year and make a commitment to try not to repeat but to take them as a way to build upon what we have learned to be better and be the best we can be in all areas of our life!

Father God, thank you for lessons learned. Teach me how not to treat them as stumbling blocks but as a way to grow from the inside out so that my experience can used to help someone else along the way.


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