About 'Founding Faith'

The controversial new book about the Founding Fathers and the birth of religious freedom


08/26/2010 11:31:57 AM

I just finished Waldman's book. I really liked it. It would be wonderful in the shadow of the Moslem Cultural Center controversy to catch him on TV or otherwise hear his take. Two nits on the book. He describes 18th century American Universalism as "a brand of Christianity that denied the divinity of Jesus and believed that all men and women would gain salvation." Certainly the second claim, the one about salvation is true, but did they really deny the divinity of Jesus? I had always thought otherwise. My second nit is that he seems so very careful about case in his book. But in the paragraph labeled "Conservative Fallacy 1:" he describes Madison and Washington as Unitarian. As they never had any known connection with that organized faith (it being located almost entirely in New England) wouldn't the lower case unitarian have been clearer?


02/16/2009 08:50:14 PM

Watch Waldmans book used by atheist and liberals to shore up their arguments.