About 'Founding Faith'

The controversial new book about the Founding Fathers and the birth of religious freedom

Founding Faith book cover

"There is a fierce custody battle going on out there for ownership of the Founding Fathers. Founding Faith strikes me as a major contribution to that debate, a sensible and sophisticated argument that the Founders' religious convictions defy our current categories.

If asked to recommend the best book on this controversial topic, I would now choose Founding Faith."
—Joseph Ellis, author of American Creation

"As we wrestle with the role of religion in our society and the world, it's useful to understand the great gift of our Founders. They were able to balance their religious beliefs with the virtue of tolerance necessary for a pluralistic society. Steven Waldman does a great job describing the nuances of their beliefs and the balances they struck, thus rescuing the Founders from those on both sides who would oversimplify their ideas."
—Walter Isaacson, president of The Aspen Institute, and author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life.


"Steven Waldman recovers [the founders'] true beliefs with an insightful and truly original argument. It will change the way you think about the separation of church and state."
—George Stephanopoulos, chief Washington correspondent, ABC News, and anchor of "This Week"

"An unusually well-balanced book on an controversial subject. Not every reader will agree with Waldman that, of the founding fathers, James Madison's conclusions about religion and society were best. But all should be grateful for the way Waldman replaces myths with facts, clarifies the complexity in making the founders speak to present-day problems, and allows the founders who differed with Madison a full and sympathetic hearing. An exceptionally fair, well-researched, and insightful book."
—Mark A. Noll, University of Notre Dame, author of America's God

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