Finding Your Angels

Three quick meditations to help you through difficult moments


05/13/2010 11:08:27 AM

I believe in Angels and ask for their guidance continually. I have seen one in the hospital I work in. I have been told that someone saw a beautiful HUGE Angel dressed in Gold standing next to me. I was standing on the shore at the time. I was releasing my negative thoughts and other things I didn't want to hold on to anymore. A very powerful place to release and renew our emotional things. I felt very blessed at that moment and since.


07/30/2009 08:13:33 AM

I too believe in angels!

10/25/2008 01:50:47 AM

I most definately believe in Angels. I was helped as a child when I was in the hospital, in pain by an Angel. I will never forget it! I was also sent toward a new way into Recovery by an Angel. I cannot tell you how special it is to know that an Angel helped you in your time of need, or in your darkest hour of need in Recovery from drugs and alcohol. I have now been clean and sober for 9 months since. I suggest you just ask for help, and listen closely, and you might not expect someone to be an Angel. Until you think back in your mind later, and realize you were touched by an Angel. Later, Debra Rincon in Portland, Oregon.