Release Stress
with Archangel Michael

Forget negative thoughts in two minutes.


10/27/2011 01:49:05 AM

I feel so blessed to have Angles in my life and I'm still learning a lot, spiritually speaking that is, but my journey has been amazing. I'm going through one of the most challenged and sadning points in my life right now and knew now was the time to take this journey to discover how to communicate and really learn to appreciate the love that surrounds us each day. I have witnessed miracles and thank God and my angels for their protection and love to have the belief, to know true miracles really do exist and for the opportunity I've personally had to witness it...I pray others experience the same each day of this honored life we life as a gift, live in the present and let go of the past. I think you're amazingly insightful and a true inspiration to us all, Doreen and I thank the angles and God for someone like to you to voice such a wide variety of incredible experiences and education about what IS really here, in us, every waking moment...i pray for others to be as open their mind, heart, spirit and soul just as I have.. Many blessings to you all and God bless! Mandy


10/21/2011 02:40:48 AM

Archangel Michael is here physically and you can read his own words. The Adam Kadmon has raised.


01/16/2010 05:52:21 PM

I must agree with pgrimm, i love and believe in my angels, i call upon them every day, i talk to them everyday, but i do not pray to them, only God. I always believe my angels are with me, even though i do not see them. I do get the hot flushes, also the coloured lights which are Archangel Michaels, also green which is Raphael. Monumental.


06/30/2009 07:24:33 PM

Michael the Archangel contacted me. It was in a dream. All I heard was his voice. I couldn't see him. His voice was very loud, just booming and commanding. It scared me. He was very erudite and intelligent. He scared me so much that I couldn't understand what he was saying to me. I thought afterwards that this is a being that has never lived on this earth. There never has been such a man as this. Now that I look back on it, I think he was trying to warn me of an evil to come into my life. When I got scared and told him I don't want to do this any more,he went away. I kind of regret that I got scared because I don't know what he wanted to say to me.


05/17/2009 10:00:33 AM

Thanks and HAIL MARY, to all my angels, 12 that I know of and any others that I'm not yet 'aware' of..I love and depend on you all and your guidance..And I AM a child of the Most High God and He surrounds me with His Light and Angels.. In Great Thanks.......To you all !!


05/17/2009 09:55:58 AM

Yes, prayer to the angels ARE accetable to God. They are here to guide and protect us and to help us, when needed..You can 'believe' or not, but those that do , have divine help with them always..There are no 'fences' in true beliefe and Love of God..And I, am Grateful that He sends us 'body and soul gaurds' to help us on our journey.. Yes, they exisist and I Know this as a FACT.. Love and Peace to all, believe or not.......


05/08/2009 09:41:32 AM

Praying to an angel? Where in the Word of God does it say to actually PRAY to an angel, they are servants and messengers, but we don't pray to them. We pray to Jesus.