Healing with
Archangel Raphael

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08/07/2009 01:26:18 AM

I see that some People do not believe that Angels can Help or that the Virgin Mary can help in anyway, When I pray or ask anthing of Angels or The vigin Mary . I say in My prayers or askings ( if it is the will of God or if it is allowed by God) after the Prayer or the asking. I also ask God in Jesus name if I pray wrong to forgive Me. My Mother and My Father brought Me up as Catholic Christian. I Have been asked to change My Religion. But I tell them that I wont. Because I honor My Father and Mother. One of the ten commandments. Honor thy Father and Mother. I believe that Angels are in different forms. Animals and Humans. Spiritual forms too. I have seen People change for the better because they become Parents. The smile of a small Child is an example of Love. Manny or some People change or repent when they see the power of Love. Yes God Is Love. Sincerely ,Albert G. Bless You.


06/03/2009 12:03:23 PM

pgrimm- It isn't that it is angel worship. In fact, they are the go between. When you pray or hear your answer...it is angels. If God spoke to us directly our brains would explode. It is sad that people speak against angels, considering how much they do for you by God's command. A little thank you to them is not worship, it is gratitude for all things including angels. I give them an extra thank you for still watching out for you although you choose to view them as beneath you. I thank God for sending us angels daily whether some people appreciate this or not.


01/04/2009 09:48:29 AM

There is nothing in the Bible that mentions meditating on angels, nothing. Angel worship is against our Lord Jesus, try meditating on Him instead, you will get the REAL answers. If you don't believe in God's Son and our Savior then go for it, but you'll get no results unless you imagine them.