Lent as Divine Therapy

Fr. Thomas Keating talks about Lent as a time to look at unconscious dynamics that keep us from a deep relationship with God.


02/17/2010 02:54:57 PM

a renewal, a cleaning of the house of the soul


02/17/2010 02:54:48 PM

a renewal, a cleaning of the house of the soul


02/24/2006 02:41:52 PM

Lent is a time to improve yourself spiritually and emotionally. By, examining your inner self. To renew your soul and to refelect on "Jesus Christ", and to think about what "JESUS CHRIST" gave up for us. How he loves us no matter what. To really be sorry for our sins and show remorse for past wrongdoings.


02/23/2002 12:13:17 PM

Lent is a time of deep spiritual a "renewal" of one's self. Jesus felt compelled to leave His disciples and walk in the desert, so must we. I have been raised in a Faith that told us what to do during Lent. Now that I am older, I hear God calling me to a much deeper walk. Lent is a time for removing the layers of the world. Like removing the layers of makeup from a woman's face to discover their beauty underneath. I have allowed time to place layers of this world upon me and I spend Lent removing those layer. Christ and the Holy Spirit walk with you, work through you and remain within you. All we have to do is recognise their presence and call upon them for strength and courage to face what is necessary to remove those layers.I allow The Holy Spirit to gentlely guide me through. The power and Grace from reconciliation during this time is so transforming, it makes the jouney worth the challeges it presents.


02/20/2002 09:48:48 PM

Lent is time for forgiveness, it is time for reflexion on what Jesus´s suffering is for. So I release my pains, sorrows, anger and I forgive myself as I ask God to forgive every pain I cause to Him when I blame people, when I allow anger, violence, helpless and hopeless be my guides. I can worship Jesus if I first forgive, I can understand Ressurrection only if I take myself away of negative feelings and thoughts. I can worship the mistery of Lent only if I reflect on my own pains, and let them go through forgiviness. Amen.


02/19/2002 10:36:51 AM

tawonda, zerbina, Deanface really good comments. Our lives are always so busy, with all sorts of stimuli bombarding us. To sit and listen to silence is to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts. If you can't find the time to use centered prayer, try driving without the radio. Use that time for prayer and let your thoughts wander toward God. Isn't there a scripture passage that says, "Be still, and know that I am God"? If we're always the one doing the talking, there's no communication going on.


02/14/2002 05:58:28 PM

Lent, properly observed, is not about "me, me, me." It is about...JESUS, the Suffering Servant. What a concept.


02/14/2002 01:32:54 PM

I think that the idea that it is selfish to take time out to focus on our Creator points to why "divine therapy" is so neeeded. This western culture rewards working for material gain, and discourages spiritual work by treating it as "wacky" or "selfish".


02/14/2002 12:51:03 AM

yogalady, I don't think you read my post, I was advocating contemplative practice or "divine therapy" as a way to deepen our relationship with God and through that relationship uncover our True self, not the self the world wants us to be but the self God wants us to be. The False self is self-obsessed, the goal is to get to the True self. p.s. The Great spiritual Teacher named Jesus said "First, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind and strength."


02/13/2002 04:30:11 PM

i think that the question of devine therapy as a self-centered process is a little distorted. i mean, relationship with the almighty inevitably leads to a restoration of the soul, a "divine therapy". as we turn away from ourselves, looking to Jesus, there is a most intimate restoration of our identity/who we are called to be/who he created us as; a "divine therapy" not as a preoccupation of ourselves, but as a revelation of god's grace.


02/13/2002 01:37:10 PM

Perhaps I'm beign too hard on him because the therapeutic approach (without a spiritual undergirding) really has pushed people toward self centeredness. So the word 'therapy' may have set off my antanae. But it is a slippery slope and a lot of people do take it that direction (tho probably not father keating)


02/13/2002 09:44:21 AM

deanface/comcon, you just don't get it. why is looking inward considered self-obsession in your mind. All the great philosophers and spiritual teachers say, First, know thyself.


02/13/2002 09:29:20 AM

yes, i agree that Lent is basically about divine therapy. we've accummulated so much mental, emotional, spiritual (and maybe even physical :)) baggage that we need to let all of that come to the surface to be washed away by Divine Love and Grace. otherwise, the False Self will get to dig in deeper each year until we can't even recognize it anymore.


02/13/2002 08:27:38 AM

While I agree that self-centeredness is a danger, one that exists in many practices, I feel that turning inward and spending time focused on our own relationship with God is an essential antidote to the way most of us normally live our lives...not an antidote to loving relationship or service to others, of course, but an antidote to idle chatter, to shallowness, to information overload, to influencing and being influenced, to all the things that end up telling us, "What you see and hear right around you is what's important; your religion is secondary." Lent is no less than a time for doing spiritual warfare, and that's of overarching importance as the world rolls forward in shallowness.


02/13/2002 12:38:23 AM

Contenplative Prayer or Lentan retreat is not about obessing with ourselves, it is about deepening our relationship with God, which is the very centre of Chistianity. The focus is to trancend the "False Self" which is the part of us that is preoccupied with the priorities of the world and leads us away from God, and reveal our "true selves" which is the person God intends us to be.


02/12/2002 11:56:28 PM

Hmmm. Not sure about this concept. I guess I'm afraid that this kind of focus on self can lead to self-centeredness, the opposite of christian ethos.