It is truly amazing when faith leaders can team up with universities or institutes to further exemplify the message of faith. Many of these leaders are able to provide innovative ideas and depth to an educational establishment that will change the lives of thousands.

These well known faith based schools have teamed up with some amazing faith leaders who will continue to bring greatness to their college.

Johnnie Moore and Liberty University

Johnnie Moore is an author, commentator, advisor, professor, faith leader, university public relations executive, humanitarian and the Vice President of Liberty University. There is no ground that Moore has not conquered. Moore spreads his faith amongst others by teaching world religions in places like Israel and India. Moore's perseverance and philanthropic efforts have caught the attention of other faith leaders around the world; furthermore Liberty University has gained more respect because of Moore's vision and ability to reach out to the world.

T.D. Jakes and Regent University

T. D. Jakes partnered with Regent University to deliver quality educational programming. “This collaboration offers our faith-centric audiences a gateway to professional learning tools that advance the work of the ministry while also supporting those laymen looking to enhance their corporate leadership and entrepreneurial credentials," said Jakes. Bishop Jakes plans to visit the Regent campus every semester and give guidance to leadership programs and other activities that the university hosts.

Gerald Beyer and St. Joseph’s University

Gerald Beyer is an associate professor of Christian social ethics with Sain Joseph's University located in Philadelphia, PA. Beyer is a member of Member of the Catholic Theological Society of America, Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice, the Society of Christian Ethics, the


Theology Society. Working towards the greater good, Beyer has written pieces and made efforts to help students that do not have affluent backgrounds get into Catholic


and receiver higher education. Through his various publications, Beyer has brought attention to major issues surrounding education and economic rights. With Beyers' expertise and successful efforts, Saint Joseph's University is more connected to the real issues that their students face on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Paul Nyguist and Moody Bible Institute

Dr. Paul Nyquist is the president of Moody Bible Institute. Dr. Nyquist is leading Moody to go across the globe, cultures and generations to equip people with the truth of God’s Word by using new technology. Dr. Nyquist has 26 years of ministry experience and brings innovation to faith through his publications and experience with various faith boards. He continues to bring fresh ideas to the institute while spreading the word of faith to others outside of the institute.

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