The Life of Messianic Jews in Israel

What is it that a person, a Jewish believer in Yeshua, would uproot themselves to move to the Middle East? That could be easily answered, a passion for the Holy Land and belief that Israel is the place of the Messiah’s return. There is another question; would these believers be embraced by the Jewish community?


03/11/2013 06:51:55 PM

There is no such thing as a "Messianic Jew" These people are not Jewish. the "Messianic" Movement was created by evangelical Christians. Their sole purpose in life is to convert Jews and destroy the Jewish people


10/13/2011 05:13:45 PM

David: "you are the light of the world" When Jews@lla people will learn TORAH's lessons (@other books): Gen 4:11- there is a relation between acts (moral or not) @the afterwords future events; is it too difficult to understand? The fate of the killers of Socrates, Jesus, Pitagoras,.....Joan d"Arc is too difficult to know? What was the fate of 10th Roman Legion that tortured Jesus? Total Extinction in 66A.D during a war.


10/09/2011 11:18:21 PM

this has nothing to do with history & everything to do with truth. the truth of your faith. there is no such thing as a jewish believer in yeshua. if you believe Jesus is the messiah you are a christian. my friends, be who you are, do not make yourselves liars. truth - the goal in depicting g-d is to fail and thereby to realize the infinity of g_d - Isaiah 40:12 - 31. numbers 23:19 genesis 1:26-28 ... the worst truth of all - the new testament is the proof text for the persecution of the jewish people.


10/06/2011 10:04:52 AM

I feel awful for the boy, as no one should be attacked for their beliefs. That said, I don't get, other than for purposes of converting Jews to Christianity, why those who believe that Jesus was the Messiah would call themselves Jews. Jews don't believe the Messiah has come. It seems pretty simple. Call yourself a Torah-based Christian, and nobody will have an issue.


09/26/2011 09:40:49 PM

The idea of "The Messiah's Return" is not one that the vast majority of Jews accepts. I bring that up because a new revelation which has come at the end of the age Jesus ushered in has shed new light on prophecies. The Christianity of Paul and other writers whose gospels made it into the Christian canon were in certain ways antagonistic toward Jews, which is why the vast majority of Jews have never accepted Jesus as the prophesied Messiah. And that's because he wasn't. Jesus was a sacrificial "lamb" of God, and he was an Avatar. But even Jesus himself understood that the prophecies of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Micah and other would not be fulfilled until the end of the age that he (Jesus) ushered in. Read all about it at