The Legacy of Oral Roberts

From prosperity gospel to Pentecostalism, Oral Roberts helped influence a generation of Christians. (Think Joel Osteen and Ted Haggard, too.) What will his long-term legacy be?


01/01/2010 09:28:14 AM

It is silly for me to put human beings on a pedestal, or loath them. But, I can learn from others. Roberts got people thinking. Whether people increased their understanding of God, or decided not to be threatened by money, so be it. I felt Roberts career was significant enough that I quoted him in "21st Century Science and Health," a revision of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science and Health." The quote I used brings out Roberts desire to do right, but that sometimes it requires correcting our self. It isn't what other people do that make or break us, it is how we respond. We can respond to a loving God without becoming a part of a financial fiasco.


12/23/2009 01:59:41 PM

Oral Roberts did alot of things right and to some, he did things wrong... or in a "wrong way." Either way, those who personally received healings, miracles, and/or financial blessing by adhering to his teachings and or receiving his words of faith... they are living testimonies of the good he did through his life, especially those who received Christ due to his testimony and sharing of the Gospel. Maybe he didn't follow status quo but he wasn't afraid to do what he believed to be God's leading. Peter walked on the water... how many of us would've done that? (Unless you believe that was an allegory or something...I personally believe it was "fact!") Jesus put mud in someone's eyes... "to each his own." If anyone gives to a ministry, it's not like buying a product, they are giving to imperfect humans and who can govern "faith teaching, prosperity teaching", etc?.. our government is a prime example of "imperfect" but it is better than any other country's system out there..... I don't see people leaving this country by the droves... no one is forced to live in the United States. People have free will... Just know that. "perfect" doesn't exist.. Humans always find fault with humans... I believe the good outweighed the bad.. he dared some people to believe the impossible and many received above and beyond what they had anticipated.. God's wealth doesn't depend upon man's economy or anything else... when you have been told you have one year to live... "God gets the final say.." Thank God for unconventional believers who would dare to believe life is not confined to man's wisdom.. "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.." My heart goes out to his family and friends... only God gets the final say of whether his life was a success or failure..


12/21/2009 09:01:44 AM

I guess Oral Roberts missed his quota for the month. Let's not forget that Roberts is the disgraceful swindler who preyed upon the weak by promising them healings for money. If that wasn't enough, he also said God would kill him if he didn't raise 8 million dollars. Innocent, loving people heard that message and were guilted into giving so they wouldn't have blood on their hands. Roberts was a pathetic man, and the world is a better place without him.


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