Blessed Are the Unemployed

So this is a blessing? We're blessed in being dependent, jobless, without resources, without status?


09/18/2006 02:51:37 AM

I just want to add to my post below. Last week - the LORD has directed me to a new job in the company. He has answered our prayers and I now await instructions for the next part of his plan which I will now humbly follow and work out with this support. The LORD does listen to us, talk to us and test us but he loves us and will never let us test us beyond our endurance...allelujah !


09/05/2006 12:19:03 AM

I have been underemployed for the last 11 months but amazingly during that time, I have used this time to develop my relationship with LORD. The trials I have suffered continues to shape endurance in me (when I do have still moments of weakness) and preparing me for greater things beside the job that I desperately look for. I continue to use my skills and talents he has gifted me to do his good works and humbly prayer each day to find a role in my company that releases the skills gifted to me and use its potential to build my LORD's Kingdom here on Earth - all praise to the LORD in Christ Jesus's name" Amen.


08/06/2005 11:33:05 PM

My name is sheryl and I recently was denied tenure at the university where I teach. I believe that God has bigger and better plans for me than I could ever I dreamed. I give God all the glory and all the praise all the time.


04/21/2005 07:34:07 PM

I do believe God has His hand on all of us. He is guiding us through these times of not having a job. I pray that we all listen closely as He speaks to us. We know when He talks to us. Just listen and obey. He will never abandon or forsake us. It may take longer for some of us to obtain or see His will for us. Just focus totally on Him. Your pain will not be in vain. Thank Him! For we are powerless. As soon as we realize this...things become more clear.


08/04/2004 01:55:22 AM

I understand wholeheartedly what all of you are going through. I was out of work (and doing all i could do,looking) for 2 years. i had great interviews, thought i nailed most of em'... then only to be let down.AGAIN. Door after door was closed on me.selfesteem lost, depression tight, all that comes with unemployment. However i kept faithful, knowing that God has a plan for my life. He was preparing me, molding me for whom he wants me to be. I found a job a few days ago,and start monday. God hears our prayers and we wonder why hes not answering them, why hes not helping us. But it is His will in His time. If He provides for the creaters of this earth, shurly He'll take care of His children. Let God speak to you,read His word.He is the Potter... you are the clay!! He'll mold you acording to His will. In Jesus Name.


04/27/2004 01:39:50 PM

I have been unemployed for three months and have had no full time job offers. Meanwhile,the bills keep piling up and the stress is becoming too much. I pray to the Lord,that this changes for me soon.Any prayers would be appreciated.


02/25/2004 01:57:31 PM

I lost my job of 29 years and 3months on may 9;2003.the company was bought out of bankruptcy proceedings; the new owners decided to close out and move the production end out of state to their other plants.being single and with no second income.I now live on faith that God will provide my every need financially.I will receive s.s. in may since thankfully i am of retirement age in march 2004.Thus far God has been good and i have managed quite well living on my savings;severance etc. I feel so for those not as fortunate.Jobs are scarce and it iss most difficult to start over.My prayers are with youall;I sympathize whole heartdly with you. . i


09/22/2003 12:05:20 AM

Lord in Heaven Please be with me in my time of stress Angels, please comfort me in my time of anxiety Mother Mary, please be with me as I go through my trials God in Heaven Hallowed be Thy name Thy Kingdom com Thy will be done On earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespassed against us And lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil Amen. Angels pray with me to our Almighty I need a job Please help me find one. In gratitude


03/14/2003 05:26:14 PM



12/31/2002 01:32:15 PM

I feel out of place here, but I need a prayer. I lost my job due to my past criminal activities. Even though they were in the past I still cannot get emploers to have confidence that it won't happen again. Anyone interested in praying with/for me please email me ( I am in need of a prayer partner to get me on the right track.


11/04/2002 12:08:03 PM

I too have been at home with my two children & jobless(moneywise)but my husband works,but anyways,God blessed me that I am now worknig from home,but even that can be strtessfull.Where's the money?


01/30/2002 07:53:43 PM

It has been a long an ardous road for me for the past year. I'm a single mother of a beutiful 3yr old daughter. I left an abusive marriage, went back to school, & took a medical course, (graduated with honours). The difficult part now is trying to find a job. I've been worried about taking care of my daughter & myself. I've prayed, & its getting difficult & discouraging. I have people to lean on but it gets so lonely, & part of my is still trying to believe in people again, especially men. I try to follow my spirit, but with so many thoughts & worries its difficult to listen to what God is trying to tell me. I know quiet time is needed to truly listen to my inner spirit, but the "business" has somewhat taken over. I continue to pray, to try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is all I can do. I pray for all the others who are experiencing the same situation as I am. My your "Higherpower" & Angels all be with you.


01/30/2002 11:10:59 AM

A week now has passed since my last post, and though I've still not found work, I'm trying to find the good still out there. I'm grateful that though my husband was injured and is on disability, that he has good insurance with his company and that there is a fantastic surgeon who will perform reconstructive surgery on Monday. (Please pray for him). I'm grateful that though there are many families falling apart, my two adult girls call in to see how we're doing and to share the fun things in their lives, knowing it will cheer me up. And I'm grateful for my 14-year-old son, a good boy in a rough world, trying his best to be the person he knows he should be. These are all good things that couldn't happen without God, I know. So... I guess I'm saying I'm still hanging in there.


01/23/2002 07:15:43 PM

I have believed in God now for 36 years,which is practically my entire life so far..My dream was to be a policeman, but unfortunately i did not make it.I do have jobs on and off, meaning i get a job, it lasts for a while and for some reason the company shuts down its doors.God, in spite of my behaviour, has always been good to me.Everytime i lost a job, i always in a matter of days found a new one..He looks out for us, he really does..Hey i may not have what i want, but i am provided with what i need. No one will tell me that there is no God..Cause i know there is..And he loves me..He loves all of us..


01/22/2002 07:31:19 AM

I guess I understand what you'r all saying, and I've tried... tried so hard for more than two and a half years to trust in God. Instead of "blessings" I've watched my husband's health fail further and further, watched my business fall apart, watched my financial security disappear... I still pray, don't get me wrong, I just truly am wondering when the relief will come? Right now I'm just praying he helps me find something, ANYTHING, to pay the mortgage and the insurance. I feel like we trusted him and he let us down. Forgive me if that's sacriligeous, but after 28 months of this, I'm getting jaded. And yes, I _do_ know there are many people out there who have it far worse than I and my family, and I have great pity for them, probably because I understand a little of their frustration. But destroying what little foundation we had for my son and daughter's future in order to teach that seems a little extreme to me.


01/21/2002 06:59:25 PM

For over 15 years now I have worked with unemployed people. Firstly providing income support through a range of government programs and more recently with a Christian based non-profit employment services provider. I want to thank all those who have shared their experiences of unemployment and the real human tragedy that this can cause. In this industry it is too easy to become both complacent and cynical. One begins to see the next person through the door as just another "client" rather than a person whose entire life has been placed in turmoil by their joblessness.


01/21/2002 12:37:00 PM

I lost my job the beginning of November and was out of work for 2 months. It was very scary as I am a single Mom. I worked for a company that assured us that we were completely secure in our jobs. We were let go with out a warning on the very day that we were told. It hit me very hard and I got down on my knees and he is very good as I am now back to work with an even better job and one that I am enjoying so much. So keep the faith, He has wonderful things in store for us all. DR


01/20/2002 10:53:59 AM

I too lost my job on 9/5. By 9/24 I was working again. With the events in my life at that time I was forced to hit my knees literally and pray "God help me." I didn't ask for specifics. Then I LISTENED and BELIEVED He would answer my prayer. Then the foot work was up to me. I didn't get the job that I thought I wanted, not the salary nor the benefits. But it was a job that I could live on (barely). It has turned out to be the best job I have ever had! I manage to meet my expenses even when the spreadsheet says I can't. God knows better what we want than we do ourselves. All we have to do is TRUST Him, know that He knows what He is doing even when it seems that the path He is leading you is in the opposite direction that you want to go. God wants COMPLETE faith in Him. When He has that you can't go wrong.


01/18/2002 08:22:34 PM

When my husband was out of work, all I learned about my "authentic self" was that I rather liked a roof over my head, a full belly, and knowing my children were safe. We were told we couldn't even get food stamps because we owned a car, never thought to eat the car! Unemployment is devastating. Making it into a spiritual island of discovery or a testing ground of faithfulness only adds to the unmanageable burden. The only relief is a job. To PatTD and all others who are suffering, I understand.


01/18/2002 06:39:07 AM

I believe God wants me to learn something from this horrendous time of terror, and financial uncertainty and pain, but I certainly don't know what it could be. rippleforce, if God has a wonderful sense of humor then it's lost on me... my family is suffering and there's little I can do except pray to a God that doesn't seem to hear.


01/13/2002 11:43:53 AM

Let the river flow as it must. I have endured many long bouts of underemployment, and unemployment, and have extracted etensive growth from the times where all there was to do was sit back on my heels and rock. What God has done, quite intentionally, is to give us a chance to refine our dreams, become our authentic selves, not in the tasks we busy ourselves with, or the work we devote our lives to. Our authentic selves function in our spiritual gifts to those around us. Be still, and know that the current idle moment, which in the scale of your entire life is a blip on the screen, has been give to you as a rest. The work you do next will take more of you than anything you have ever known. Prepare yourself in trust and faith. The test, for me, was finding the strength to be within, to gather the spiritual grace, boundaries and dignity required to carry me through, to the life I enjoy now. God speed. You will find peace in this, ultimately. God has a wonderful sense of humour.


01/13/2002 09:50:43 AM

I cannot say that I have ever been laid off, but I did have to lay off two people out of my staff of three on Friday last, and I don't think I would be able to handle it without God in my life. I have come to believe that Goddess is present in all things--good and bad--and that we have only to call on her/he to grow spiritually. Since I believe that is all that we are here to do, I pray that God will use this time as an opportunity for love and growth for my two former employees as well as myself. I am as powerless over the economy as I am over terrorism, but I have found that faith will carry me through these situations of uncertainty and fear much better than self will.


01/12/2002 12:42:06 PM

I know what it is like to be in a position of not having a job. I am still hopeful though, that God will make a way. Right now, I have some benefits from the government but I am determined to land a job that is right for me, so that I will not have to depend on the government. I still thank and bless the Lord for His keeping power, that He has allowed me to have the basic necessities of shelter, clothing, and nutritional needs met in my life. And I am trusting Him that He will open the right door, at the right time, for me to have a permanent job. We must keep the faith. In Jesus' name, Amen.


01/11/2002 10:50:57 AM

I hope I can offer some encouragement to people who've lost their jobs; I can certainly relate to their situation. Early in my career, I was laid off twice. The 1st time, I found another job within 3 months. However, I was again "downsized" after nine months and didn't land my current job until another 11 months, during which time my wife and I adopted a wonderful boy from Mexico. It certainly stretched my faith and strained my marriage, but God came provided abundantly in his own good time.


01/11/2002 09:49:12 AM

I quit my job after being faithful and loyal to my company for 16 years. During the past year things changed tremendously at my place of employment. And I have changed. I searched inside myself and realized that I needed to make a dramatic change to my life to find the true path that "God" had in mind for me. Maybe my leaving opened up a spot for one of you. Maybe my leaving will cause me to understand what it feels like to be destitute, something that I have never experienced before. But others have. I will probably have to sell my house and some of my things, I may have to move to another state, but I feel perfectly calm about that for some reason. I am a single parent, whose children have a dead beat Dad. I should be completely stressed over this. Yet I feel calm, and filled with Faith and Hope. These are the things that I pray I will never lose, Faith and Hope.


01/11/2002 09:19:06 AM

I graduated college seven months ago and I still havent found a job. I have been sending out resumes every where and going to various interviews and nothing. This process or journey has been really hard on me. I never had to work for a living because when my parents were alive they always helped me with everything. I realize now that I made a mistake by depending on them so much, I should have worked at least a part time job from the begining now I feel like Im paying the consequences. I am financially ruined I have literally NO money left in the bank. I pray to the LORD that I find a Job where Iam happy and make at least enough to get by for the next couple of months until Im off to graduate school in September. I pray so much to God that I find a job before JANUARY is over.


01/10/2002 09:33:54 AM

My hours have been cut in half as well-- and its been hard in some ways, but it has also made life a little simpler and has helped me reavaluate my needs--


01/10/2002 12:59:33 AM

There are some who feel that poverty, like sickness, and sorrow are a natural part of the human condition. Let's examine this idea. Most people believe in two causes, namely GOOD and evil. Although they claim that God is ONE! If we calim there is one and yet two, so shall our lives relfect this "double trouble" experience. There is a flipside (if you will) to every good and real thing. A 'fake', a mere copy = lost it's resolution, a flawed imposter.... Take Love..... when misundersood, it's exact confused expression or outcomeis lust. So now we can say that, "Poverty, is the temporarily mistaken idea of 'lack of abundance'. " Being a mistaken idea, implies a truth to support the true [read Real, Good] flip side. One reaps as one sows....or so the saying goes. Let's try making our prayer [daily thought habit] ONLY one of God's gift of abundance. You had it once, you can have it again.


01/09/2002 11:27:29 PM

The stress and uncertainty of my job has caused my fiance to leave me. I pray for her happiness and that things get better for me(hopefully us) and for all of those effected by these bad economic times.