Please Let Harry Potter Die

Overcoming evil requires real, hard sacrifice, says an Orthodox priest. Rowling should let Harry be a tragic hero.


07/21/2011 07:32:45 PM

Thank you for your views but I don't agree to kill Harry Potter and to make him a tragic hero. I do believe that the story has an end but why does it have to be tragic? Why can't it reflect transition without tragedy? Isn't that what most of us hope for? A Happy Transition or a Peaceful transition. Why dampen the mysteries of HOPE, Faith & Charity?


07/17/2007 01:46:38 PM

Its time to kill Harry Potter off, Rowling has said at times she is sick of them all. Its time for her to move on. Like Ann Rice, she went the Jesus route. Maybe Rowling will do the same and donate all the money to feed the poor kids of the world. She has enough.


07/17/2007 03:44:59 AM

Weaselkin did you mean "spiritism"? You said "spititism". I think we all have been "drooling" over this last installment. In all seriousness you do bring up a legit view. Surely there is a difference between reading about the occult, the magical, the mystical and even fiction employing same. I do not believe God would discount Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and many many many others simply on the basis of mentioning witches, having characters who use witchcraft. Heaven would be a dry and dull place without a bit of fantasy, miracles, magic.


07/11/2007 06:41:04 PM

When I read the author of the article was an orthodox priest, I became interested on his take of the H.Potter series in general. It is based on the acceptance of the practice of magic and things associated with it, fictional novel or not. We all know it took our youth by storm. I originally thought it was great how it renewed our chilldrens interest in reading, until I became aware of how God feels about anything to do with spititism. Even when we feel things are harmless, the judgement of an adult if much more developed than that of a child. Moreover, God makes it clear he does not want us dabbling with the occult through any means. It's in the Bible from the OT through the New Testament. I know changing the way we have done things through the ages may seen like a crazy thing thing to do, yet salvation requires we follow the teachings of the Bible. I guess that's why they say the road to be saved is hard and narrow. Not many make it (they are too busy making excuses!)


07/06/2007 12:24:01 AM

However, I think with Hermione hooking up with Ron when she was so clearly from the start destined to be Harrys girlfriend, and Harry brushing off Ginny because he has dangerous work to do is kind of setting the stage for him to get killed.


07/06/2007 12:20:24 AM

Dumbledore lived a long and interesting life, and Sirius was no spring Chicken. Potter grew up in an abusive home and hasn't even begun to live - that all makes his death quite a bit more tragic than either of the other two.


12/02/2006 07:15:43 AM

I completely agree Fr. Tobias. The text of Harry Potter is filled with references to love and family. For Harry to be truly happy, he'd want to be with those who loved him best. His parents, his god-father, his mentor. Those were the people who taught him not to fear what death would bring. None of them feared death. Neither does Harry. His father sacrificed himself to give Lily and Harry a chance. Lily sacrificed herself for Harry, creating an incredibly strong blood bond. Sirius admitted he'd have died for James and Lily instead of going to the dark side and betraying them. He then comes to Harry's aid and dies in battle. Dumbledore. He says the famous quote about 'death being an adventure.' He's unafraid to die and wills Snape to kill him. He deserves to be at peace and I think, for Harry, peace is his death.


11/21/2006 02:23:40 AM

Oh my! I hope she doesn't kill Harry off!!!! I love Harry. Like the article said, he may not be perfect but he was made to fulfill the prophecy because of Voldemort and she said she worded the prophecy VERY carefully.. and it said that "neither can live while the other survives"... which is weird to me because they are both alive now.. but Voldermort kinda cheated on that! haha So I think that Voldemort will die and Harry will not... There is a possibility that Harry will die, but I'm praying that he won't! He's had a tough life and I think that once Voldemort's gone, that he can finally be happy and not worrying about saving the world. At least that's what I'm hoping.. I am not surprised to read that JK is a Christian though. She puts so many morales and so much love into her stories, no surprises there!


11/16/2006 02:51:57 PM

Unfortunately, I agree with Fr. Tobias. I have my own theories concerning the book (which I won't discuss here). But Harry's death would nicely fulfill the prophecy surrounding his birth. It would be tragic, yes, but no more upsetting than the deaths of, say, Sirius Black or Albus Dumbledore. Peace of Christ!


11/03/2006 02:04:02 PM

Let Harry Potter die? Rowling better not kill Harry off. I personal do not think any of them should be killed off. But if she does kill one off well, it should be may be the Professor. Harry I think should end up staying at Hogwarts and not ever leaving it.