The True Christian Myth Behind Harry Potter

Underlying Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars is the one, true, historical myth of Christianity.


07/16/2009 10:21:06 AM

Myths serve the purpose of explaining the mysteries of life - how, why, and what we are and what we is our purpose. Now that facts are more and more replacing myths about the beginnings of our and universe and humanity, there is a clash with many of the old religious myths. Trying to stretch every myth into a Christian context seems like quite a stretch but does give comfort to people of faith.


07/15/2009 10:59:22 PM

'fact' vs 'fiction' is only needed when we have something to prove for whatever reason. These writers, all of them by their own words, did not seek to tell uniquely Christian or other tradition retelling of myths. They did all bring to their stories their collective experience, including where they had come to at the time of each of their works of 'fiction.' Because of this their Christian, or other re-ligious expressions 'can be' found in their writings. But for each of them, according to their words, they were writing stories that could, hopefully, hold up their own stories without a need to exploit Christianity or any other religious presuppositions. my primary criticism of contemporary literature when done by those that present themselves as 'Christian Writers,' or as 'Agnostic Writers,' is that their stories are servants to their assumptions in their faith and or lack thereof. Lewis and Tolkien, as with the classical myth writer's stories before them, all told a story without trying to convert their reading and or listener. It seems to me that most writers today, even of so-called fiction, are trying too hard to prove something, rather than to tell their story. the story does so much better when it is what is being written. thus we have his-story, and now her-stories being written, as well as many stories ast people and kinds, all providing us a plethora of layers that together give us something more true than what often pretends to be, as it is called, non-fiction. Lewis, i recall, i think, some place, one observed, that fiction is actually closer to truth writing than is non-fiction. the latter pretends to be all 'fact' vs 'fiction,' when in truth most non-fiction has little science of observation behind it, and then the writer puts together 'a story' around the little bit of facts. why not, merely be grateful for a good story, be grateful for when the myth is greater than perhaps even its intent, and then say thank you to the one that is able to take from all, who also happens to fill all in all, - the story being told daily is one that we are gifted to participate. this story is sufficient, and more than sufficiently full to give me awe. ...just one man's observation


07/16/2007 07:31:27 AM

Harry Potter, yes the hero in the movie he comes along and uses his wand, to get rid of the evil person. And Spiderman, flys through the air using is web, and helps capture all bad people to, plus helps the good ones. As did Superman. He flew through the air, and captured the bad person. He to was the hero. As was the Lone Ranger, and more fiction people. But to say Christianity? There is not one comparsion, to it. Fiction vs fact. The passion of the christ is totally true, and fact. Based on Christ, the son of God, God in the flesh who came to this earth, to die for us, so we could go to heaven. The movie is fact, not fiction. The others are just pure fiction and there is no truth to them at all.