Lent and Its Discontents

I did push-ups, eschewed alcohol, and went on a bread-and-oatmeal fast--but I didn't overcome my self-centeredness.


03/18/2007 07:08:28 PM

The wages of sin is______________. If you put any word or thought in this blank except "death" (non-life)it means you do not understand gospel 101, i.e. you havnt a clue re the plan of salvation. Therefore, all that think there is some merit to be had by fasting, lent stuff, penance, rosaries, candles, masses, etc. etc., to mitigate sin, to cover sin, to destroy sin, call it what you will, are 100% wasting their time and effort. Forgiveness of sin only comes from the merits of the blood (sacrifice) of Christ...not 1/1,000,000,000 to the billionth power from anything else. People absolutely need to get seriously believing the word of God (bible). Recieving Christ is mans only hope of restoration, which restoration includes forgiveness of sins past and power to be a commandment keeper, all wrapped up in god's grace.


03/01/2006 03:01:49 PM

The fast is not just for doing without, it is for drawing nearer to the LORD; what of the disenfranchised of society? Didn’t Christ say, “Whatever you do to the least of these you have also done to me”? The overriding point being made through the metanoia of Lent is that one is to become less egocentric and more theocentric. If one spends all his time of self-denial nursing his wounds, metanoia is not achieved. But how does one center himself on God? By focusing on the needs of others. Pour your sensitivity, and gentleness bought by suffering on those who fast not because they are religious, but because they have nothing. Each human is an Icon of God, because he was made in the Image of God. Don’t we love and adore a photo of our newborn baby, not because we care about the piece of paper but the baby. How can we love God which we have not seen when we don’t love our brother which we have seen, and is made in the Image of the LORD?


03/01/2006 03:00:34 PM

It is courious how many people who do not believe, so eagerly join-in on Christmas, but when it comes to Lent even those who do believe find reason to disponsate self. If one is going to celebrate the feast shouldn’t he also remember the fast? Is it that one will only be a Christian on feast days? Let’s pray that the Day of the LORD will be a feast day.


03/01/2006 02:56:48 PM

OK I’m not “Catholic” either, I’m Orthodox. As for the question of Sunday, It is a “Little Easter” and by the oldest traditions of both of our communions is never a day of fast. Neither is Saturday for remember Saturday is the Sabbath just as Sunday is the New Sabbath, the first remembers the Father the second the Son. The only Saturday of the year that is a fast day is the day before Easter. Still, by the oldest of traditions of both of our communions one keeps the fast from Virgils on Saturday until he takes the Sacraments on Sunday. The way many ascetics have dealt with these questions of practice have been to do a small act of breaking the fast for these holidays. None the less, I’ve been counciled that observing the feasts are as much a part of religious observance as keeping the fasts. Not to do so is to deny a blessing of the Lord. Still, to fast with others knowledge is to receive your reward in this life.


03/01/2006 09:40:35 AM

Good article. And though Im not Catholic, I think it speaks to every Christian. :)