Brother Joseph

Unlike many Mormons, I can't get on the Joseph Smith veneration bandwagon. But I still deeply appreciate this complex man.


06/08/2013 04:52:01 PM

I believe Joseph did find the plates as directed by an angel of the Lord. I believe the urim and thumin were in with the plates as well as the two stones. These things are evidence that God does not change and simply because they were with the plates is evidence that God had a controlling hand in what J. S. found there. Now let me say this! I do not believe J.S. was a prophet but on the contrary he had the gift of interpretation of tongues. If you have read the book of Mormon then you know it claims of it self that the language the plates were written in, could NOT be translated and the book of Mormon gives the reason that, the language was a hybrid of Hebrew and Egyptian and, is now and, at the time J.S. recovered the plates, a dead language. Read it for your self if you do not believe me. Why have the urim and thumim and the two stones? The urim was the breastplate of Aron. It was made of twelve stones one, each representing the twelve tribes. It hung in the temple and when there was (NO PROPHET) in the land, the urim was consulted. How was it? If a man or woman believed they had a word from the lord and when there was NO PROPHET in the land they could recite their inspiration before the urim and if the twelve stones lighted and reflected the colors of the rainbow then the word spoken indeed was from the lord. The same was true with the two stones 1 black for NO and the 1 white for YES and the two make a witness, the urim and the stones. J.S. could say what the interpretation of the plates were and he had two witnesses that he was either correct in the interpretation or wrong. He could do this because of the gift of interpretation of tongues. Joseph Smith was NOT a prophet! WE know from Paul that all do not speak with tongues and we know that all do not have the gift of interpretation of tongues. You cant say Joseph Smith was a prophet if God gave him the gift of interpretation of tongues and If he did not have the gift of interpretation of tongues, how then did he translate the book? Where in the bible or the book of Mormon does someone with the gift of interpretation of tongues qualify as a prophet? It does not! I wish I could say more because there is so much to say but I will leave it to you to seek out. Ask yourself,"if he had the gift of tongues then he was not a prophet and he did not write the book, where does the Mormon church stand since it is built on for the most part, prophecy given by J.S. was was not a prophet of truth?


05/20/2012 01:49:56 PM

Joseph Fielding Smith (10th president) said there is "no salvation without Joseph Smith." (Doctrine of Salvation 1:189) What does that tell you about what Mormons believe about Joseph Smith. This contradicts with what the Bible say, 1 Timothy 2:5 " For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." (History of the Church 10/6/1844 Vol. 7, page 287) "Every spirit that confesses that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that he lived and died a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true, is of God, and every spirit that does not believe is the AntiChrist." (Brigham Young) (Unpublished Discourse given Oct. 8, 1854 also found on page 99 of Eugene E. Campbell's book "The Essential Brigham Young") "No man or woman in this generation will get a resurrection and be crowned without Joseph Smith saying so." "....holds the key of life and death to this generation." "....president of the resurrection in this dispensation." Smith was nothing more than a man who was visited by an "angel of light", which if you read your Bible, that represents Satan, who can also present himself as an "angel of light." Why would God present an opportunity for another book to be written on events that can not be proven?


05/22/2010 08:26:55 PM

the book of morman how many times has that booked been changed because of what they said would happan , like they said and dated the return of CHRIST will appear on this date and time. if the book of morman was the word of god it doesnt need to be changed. the true word in the BIBLE says even JESUS doesnt know when he will return, only the FATHER does.


05/22/2010 08:22:33 PM

the morman faith is all based on false doctrine nothing biblical about it period! they believe JESUS n satan are brothers , they stear away from the bible and read what they believe is the word of god in whats called the morman doctrine. its sad that people will believe a lie , i hope and pray that whoever is involved will leave ,JESUS is waiting for you to show you the TRUTH OF HIS WORD, and JESUS IS THE ONLY NAME FOR SALVATION


04/04/2009 07:50:42 AM

Holly3278 - the church of Jesus is just that, the church of Jesus, Joseph Smith had nothing to do with His church. He is the Son of God and lives within us all. He lived sinless, without violence, without lust, without ego. Joseph Smith was merely a man with an idea for a new religion, one that re-created scripture, a definite wrong in the sight of God. Read the last chapters of Revelation.


04/04/2009 07:47:07 AM

The above article written by a member of the Latter Day Saints is uncomfortable about this person, Joseph Smith. What does that say about Mormon belief in the one who is called a Prophet. But I suppose that without belief in the sanctity of this man, there would be no Mormon church.


04/02/2009 02:13:05 PM

Oh Dear People - the divinity of Joseph Smith? The church of Jesus is just that Jesus and NOTHING more. He is the Son of God. Joseph Smith is a man who started a religion which had nothing to do with his divinity. Smith left, rules, laws, traditions and rituals created by him, a mere human being like the rest of us. This saddens me terribly that there are so many people who believe that this man is something more than what he was, a man. Read scripture, you will not find him, nor will you find anything about Latter Day Saints.


06/28/2007 05:09:39 AM

The Prophet Joseph Smith was an excellent individual. He restored the true church to the earth. To do that, he must have been highly favored by God and indeed he was highly favored by God. The Prophet Joseph Smith means a lot to me. Without him, we would not have the true church of Jesus.


05/03/2006 07:05:32 AM

Much has been said against the Prophet Joseph Smith, even today my own sister gave me the blow because I have being his follower for so many years. Everything that goes wrong with me she puts the blame on him. "Only a man of God could have translated a such book the Book of Mormon, for the Book of Mormon can only bring a person near to God if the person abide by it". I have read the Book of Mormon therefore I qualify to talk about and give my saying, for my saying is divine and pure for it has come from above, the Holy Ghost has testified to me and in as much that the Book of Mormon actually saved my life back in 1982. That is another story in itself which I can not reveal in here for lack of space. Say whatsoever you may say or think about, but it will not change the truthfulness about the divinity of the man Joseph Smith. A man can not see light unless his eyes are open, by the same token a man can not see the light on Joseph Smith unless he is willing to open his eyes. Michael


04/12/2006 04:39:25 PM

I am LDS and there seems to be misunderstanding regarding Joseph. Do we worship him-NO, we worship Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Do we have a deep and abiding love & appreciation of the work that Joseph spent most of his life completing, under the Lord's direction? Absolutely! He was will to sacrifice and endure severe persecution. He gave us this restored gospel and it will benefit us in eternal ways. The Old Testament is full of men God chose to lead as his holy prophets. Do we find it hard to believe in Moses, Abraham, Jeremiah? Were they perfect? No, God has chosen humble, teachable men to reveal himself to personally. The only way to know for yourself is to humble yourself before God, and ask him to testify to you of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.


03/27/2006 03:09:36 PM

For me the bigger issue was the fact that NO one talks about this part of the history. God will choose whomever He wants to so why is this part of Joseph's life hidden and omitted? That only makes it worse. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. I think it makes the Church look suspicious. What other things have they omitted or glossed over? I thought Christ's gospel was "plain and precious" not secret, or to be doled out bit by bit. ? Just me and my experience.


03/25/2006 07:59:55 PM

I think the real issue is not ignoring the accusations against Joseph, the real issue is that many of us simply dont believe them as being factually true. It took a lot of study on my part, but I have read and investigated every portion of the major issues and the only ones that hold any factual bases are issues that Joseph himself also confirmed directly and addressed. I dont mind someone else choosing to believe otherwise, that Joseph was a magician, just please dont expect others like me to automatically accept every possible issue to be truth simply because someone accused.


03/24/2006 09:07:03 PM

Hallelujah!!! Finally!! Someone who is willing to talk about Joseph Smith's "humanity" without acting like its grounds for excommunication! I am an inactive member and part of what puts me off is this exact issue. Partly because I don't want to talk about Joseph, I want to talk about Heavenly Father and partly because of the glossing over of Joseph's past. I find that a dishonest and shady way to deal with the prophet and the history of the Gospel. I felt like they knew something they wanted to hide. That was like a warning signal to me as a new member. This article gives me hope that there are members out there who aren't afraid of breaking the mold to live the Gospel the best they can.


01/27/2006 01:02:38 PM

I, too, do not understand why people believe that the imperfections of Joseph Smith mean that he could not possibly have been a prophet of God. They don't seem to understand that the prophets of the Bible were not perfect, either. But, I think that, if these people were to have actually been able to walk and be with these ancient Biblical prophets, and seen their warts and all, they might be thinking the same things about these men. "How could God have chosen this man to be a prophet?".