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Was Jesus a pacifist?
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Brian McLaren: The Meaning of Son of God

Emergent church author and minister Brian McLaren sheds new light on the familiar phrase, "Son of God."

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Friday, July 4 2014 12:35 PM

4 July, 1976

Israel today is besieged by fanatical jihadists. Three boys are murdered by Palestinian terrorists and the world’s reaction is annoyance with the Jewish state. What kind of insanity are we living in? From its founding in 1987, the terrorist group Hamas has been sworn to Israel’s destruction. This isn’t...

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Christian Prayer of the Day

Prayer for Those Who Govern

Sovereign Lord we pray for our country at all times, we pray for...all those who guide and govern. Help them in every situation to know and to do the things that are right and just, with soundness of judgement in making vital decisions, praying always particularly for the peacemakers, that your Holy life-giving Spirit may ever dwell in their hearts and that the barriers of fear, suspicion and hatred may fall. We pray in the name of your Son, the Prince of Peace.

- Muriel Marshall

Source: St. Edward's Church (Plymouth, England)

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