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Brian McLaren: The Meaning of Son of God

Emergent church author and minister Brian McLaren sheds new light on the familiar phrase, "Son of God."

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Thursday, May 14 2015 10:33 AM

Happy Birthday, Israel!

Today marks 67 years since the founding of the state of Israel. At 4 p.m. on the afternoon of May 14, 1948, officials of the developing Zionist government met at a theatre in Tel Aviv; David Ben Gurion read the declaration of independence for the Jewish state, over international radio, thus marking...

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Christian Prayer of the Day

Spirit of Light and Love

Spirit of light and love, Creator and Sustainer, God of many names, Sometimes the burdens I shoulder feel like more than I can bear. I am terrified I shall break under their pressure, My wallet flattened, My hopes broken, My dreams in dust, My mind staggering, Under the crushing weight of uncertainty. As I struggle with my fears, And work to hold my creditors at bay, As I fight to regain a financial foothold And hope against hope To reverse my fall, Uplift my heart, oh God. Rekindle my faith. Make me mindful of thy many gifts, Lest, overwhelmed by the threats to my well-being, I forget them, And I forget you. This is my prayer: to pray for what I have, To pray for health, if I am graced with health; To pray for love, if blessed with loved ones, Who offer me the priceless gift of love's embrace. Remind me to pray, if I am blessed to be a parent, for the treasure of children; To pray for the wealth of friends, who stand beside me through my bleakest days, And share my pain. In this veil of tears and trouble, Raise my sights to look out upon the many beacons, Shining their light upon my life. Remind me to give thanks for those, Who reach out to take my hand, Who walk with me and stand by me, Who raise my spirits by their presence, Whose smile brightens my view, And lifts my heart, And gives me joy. For if I pray for the wonders that are mine To savor this very day, These, the most precious, of my prayers will come true. I shall again unwrap the present, Give thanks for thy many gifts. My lifeline will be strengthened, My perspective widened, And for one brief, shining moment, The shadows will lift from my heart. So it is I offer up my thanks. So it is I utter forth, oh God, From the depth of my soul, This grateful prayer of gratitude and praise.

Source: Forrest Church

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