'Nothing More Needs to be Fulfilled Before the Coming of Christ'

The co-author of the Left Behind series talks to Beliefnet about what he makes of the terrorist attacks

Jerry B. Jenkins is the co-author, with Tim LaHaye, of the enormously popular Left Behind fiction series, which tells the stories of people who, after the rapture of the church are "left behind" to experience the tribulation and other events prior to Jesus' return to Earth. The author of more than 100 books and the former editor of Moody Magazine, his writing has appeared in Reader's Digest and Parad. Jenkins is also the writer of the nationally syndicated sports story comic strip Gil Thorp.

Interviewed by Deborah Caldwell

Q. What are you hearing from readers about how they believe the terrorist attacks and the impending war fit into God's plan for the end-times?


Many want to know is this is a sign of the end and if Antichrist will soon emerge. Some even ask if Osama Bin Laden could be Antichrist, but of course he cannot. The prophecies are clear that Antichrist will be charismatic, attractive, charming, winsome, and that almost everyone will believe he is not only a wonderful person but perhaps even Jesus reincarnate. I don't think anyone thinks that of Bin Laden.


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