Nine Ways to Live the Resurrection

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Stay Humble

If Jesus is God, and there is only one God (assuming that you hang in monotheistic circles), then that means this: none of us is God.

That is another important truth of the resurrection: God became man; man didn't become God. I know that I often get the two confused, especially when I'm on the phone with a health-care insurance representative, because I feel like I should have more power than I do.

The Christian mystic Catherine of Siena wrote, "Be small in deep and genuine humility. Look at God, who lowered Himself to your humanity. Don't make yourself unworthy of what God has made you worthy of."

Along with humility, then, comes our ability to become more than we are because of the resurrection. It's like the makeover we can't afford to have--but God can provide it for us if we believe in the empty tomb.

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