Nine Ways to Live the Resurrection

The celebration of the resurrection is a chance for us to say, "Yes, Jesus, I believe," and in so doing, grab the hope that is already there. Here, then, are nine ways we might live the resurrection.


04/11/2010 09:51:08 AM

Good article, the steps are great. just one thing though, why do you call it Easter? Easter was a greek goddess of fertility the pagans worshipped. What"s she have to do with our Savoirs ressurection. It should be called something like ressurection day, shouldn't it?


03/22/2010 03:36:59 AM

At first, I had no hope at all due to this storm and 2 incidents I am facing. I now have a sense that I am not completely alone and these 9 steps trully gave me a little more strength and hope. I'm glad you posted this!


04/18/2009 01:07:10 PM

Concerning "living the resurrection" we need to go back and see where man died, not discarnated and include Yeshua's saying "let the deat bury their dead" or (discarnated). The place man in general became "the living dead" is Genesis 3:6, when man ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil". Knowledge is eaten by the mind, it becomes good and evil by our judgment of it, therefore we have to relinquish our hold on calling thing good and evil to resurrect. Upon achieving our resurrection of understanding the purpose for things, we the have to find other descriptive terms when describing an event. Rather than saying "killing man" or "child molesting" is evil we must only say "a man was killed" or "a child was molested". in so doing we eliminate our blinders of rejection giving us an objective observation of the events which will lead us to life everlasting. If we look at the many OBE (Out'a Body Experiences) being recorded and talked about, we see how the physical resurrection of Yeshua happened. The difference with Yeshua's and those recorded today, Yeshua recognized his (Mat. 27:46) happening but none of the ones I have read about or talked to saw it. They only saw the body after leaving it and themselves back in then, not the process. Therefore, the physical resurrection is happening every day, we need the mental resurrection.


04/13/2009 01:18:07 PM

Since I have gone through the metamorphosis of "the new birth" and became a new creation, I see only one way to "live the resurrection" and that is to be born again. It is so easy to talk about the person Yeshua (Jesus) was/is, but who among us can proclaim the "gospel of him" (Mat. 24:14) without being born into that understanding? We are not dead to the world until we have been resurrected ourselves. Remember Yeshua said "let the dead bury their dead"? Until we have the news proclaimed by him we are those living dead. When we hear his news which it grows in us making us into his likeness (John 14:12), first in speech and then in the "dominion power", we are living the resurrection as a new creation.