04/27/2011 05:51:57 PM

I have to agree with Dalerchy..there are several passages where the 'generalized' 3 days is not used BUT 3 days and 3 nights is used. I have read some Christian pastors saying that in the 'Grand scheme of things' it isn't really important..but it IS IMPORTANT especially if you are demanding everyone take the Bible literally and that it is the WORD of GOD. Today, people tend to 'accept' Jesus based on some emotional appeal and concert setting. In the old days, people SEARCHED the scriptures to see if the things about Messiah were true. EXACT fullfillment of prophesy' was a demand by the searcher! imagine, a Jew searching the scriptures to see if Jesus is the Messiah, and sees that there is a great discrepancy between what Jesus did and what the Scriptures said of the Messiah. Then imagine yourself telling them,'Ah, mere trifle, not important" How Absurd. And the same people who say these things, are blitzing the media with statements like, ALL the Bible prophecies have literally come to pass up to this point. NOT TRUE, if this holds. Jesus' own words said about the sign of Jonah 3 DAYS and NIGHTS in the belly of the whale. Jesus was just being figurative??? Well then maybe all of Christianity is just Figurative, more or less. Besides, from my understanding, in Jesus time and before, Jews believed that a person needed to be dead for 3 full days before Spirit finally abandoned the body. That is why the miracle of Lazerus was so astounding, he began to be corrupted in body..past the time of the spirit's final leaving of the human form. If Jesus had been raised before the 3 full days and nights, in the Jews mind, it would be no miracle as it was fully believable that he could have been just resuscitated. If you hold the Friday scenario to be true than you do have to deal with the issue that the Bible isn't really exact, and that Jesus didn't hold it to be exact..which opens a big can of worms with regard to the Word of God, true or not? So, does God care if His word is exact, or is He content with 'being in the ballpark'?


04/24/2011 12:25:45 PM

Mt:12:40: For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth John 19:31 says that day was :An High Day..NOT a weekly Sabbath. I propose he was taken after he took symbols of passover at last supper, on a Tuesday night,beaten, crucified on Wednesday,(the high day sabbath) placed in tomb that night at sundown...3 days and nights later arose at sundown Saturday night,,,John 20:1 Mary Magdelene came at dark BEFORE sunrise on Sunday and he was already gone..having risen at sundown Saturday night, Exactly 72 hours as he said........he did not lie


04/24/2011 12:28:43 AM

Logically, It may be correct. The 1st day entombed; The second day in tomb; third day, rose from the tonb. We don't conceptuialize days in this event as a full 24 hr period.