Keep Christ in Christmas

If you wonder how to keep Christ in Christmas, follow these tips to focus on the story of Jesus' birth, the real reason for the season.


12/29/2012 01:57:02 PM

Absolutely sickening! "Christmas" is a word behind the disguise of the root word Saturnalia. People say there's nothing evil with the Evergreen trees. The Bible only tells us not to make and worship the tree, but it's okay for DECORATION. Does it mean it's okay for me to put a golden calf in my home for DECORATION even though I do not make it and worship it. Who gave people the authority to put HOLY Jesus Christ back into Saturnalia (Christmas) He was never in? Only the devil would give people this "godly" idea to do so! Not from HOLY God! How can so-called Christians (SINNERS) put HOLY JESUS CHRIST back into SATURNALIA (X-MASS) He was never in from the beginning! They changed the name Saturnalia into "Christmas" just to make it seem more "godly". If people put a wolf into sheep's clothing, the FACT is it is still a wolf! It's not a sheep!


12/24/2012 11:34:16 PM

happy b-day jesus


12/27/2010 06:45:59 PM

Render unto [hate;death;destruction;exploitallcreationalneighbors] that which they may claim as 'possessive'. It is not we who have made ourselves... human senses, thought waves-patterns, memory, are not of comfort / angst diminishing as a 'deliverance' to meaning in life . Cellular life --for the triple /quadriple amputee has the influence, input of the monumental forces... SPIRIT. To establish identity relation with one's Spirit, a perspective, (read distance) has to be of TheHeartMindSoulStrength- historically- . The axiom "this is the day the Creator hath made" makes (Ps118) many "poor in spirit" (Mt5). An angst of unity with humility needs of transactional analysis psych-Spirit state the "child' with Love Leadership, Community ValU, cohesion without fear, Freedom for 'deliverance. It's not been found by the-nature-of creation, in the flesh formulas in opposition to the Spirit (Galns5). The fundamental energy of the human Creationspirit is LOVE. Self-LOVE sustains multiplies. we are Spirits with bod ies Not bodies w/ spiri s SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION IS the only reason for JESUS' INTerVention


12/21/2009 11:32:46 AM

Jesus was born on March 27th.


12/14/2009 01:40:43 PM

Excuse me, but "Christmas" is NOT a Christian holiday. It is a PAGAN holiday, based on Dies Natalis Sol Invictus, with traditions and symbols (tree, holly, etc) stolen from northern Europe's pagan cultures. In short, there never WAS any "Christ" in Christmas, and it is properly called "Yule".