Teaching the Bible with President Jimmy Carter

The former President of the United States discusses the Bible and what it's like to teach Sunday school to people of all faiths.


04/02/2012 04:57:51 AM

I just can not understand anyone teaching from the Bible for so long and is still a member of a Liberal party that believes in killing babies, and Gay Marriage. I know that sounds judgmental but I just have a hard time understanding that. I have taught out of the same Bible and there is no way I could be associated with a Liberal Party, which is what the Democrats have become, at least change parties unless they believe what the Democrats believe. I sure hope he does not endorse Obama.


03/28/2012 12:19:13 AM

Jimmy Carter is not one to whom I would seek theological guidance. In my humble view, Mr. Carter is Antisimetic and despises the nation of Israel. This was quite apparent during his presidency. Perhaps he is one of those who embrace the errant teachings of "replacement theology", which is idolatry. I have attended many different churches in the course of my life time and some of the most spitritually dead churches I have attended were Baptist Churches. Not all, but many. As for attending a Sunday School Bible Class taught by Mr. Carter, sorry, I'll pass. He has nothing to teach me from the Holy Scriptures.


03/27/2012 03:42:50 PM

Jimmy Carter in my book isn't hollier than thou not one bit he did a lot to innocent people and thought NOTHING about it. So please stop putting him up as though he is a wonderful fellow because he is not.