Teaching the Bible with President Jimmy Carter

The former President of the United States discusses the Bible and what it's like to teach Sunday school to people of all faiths.

Photo courtesy of Sara Saunders/The Carter Center

Former President Jimmy Carter is a man of great faith whose life's work includes enacting social justice with the Carter Center, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and uniting Baptists with the New Baptist Covenant. While he has been a part of influential international discussions and has received the Nobel Peace Prize, one of his greatest pleasures is teaching Sunday school every week in Plains, Georgia. Through his latest book 'NIV Lessons From Life Bible: Personal Reflections with Jimmy Carter', people all over the world will be able to experience the wisdom he has garnered through his long and accomplished life. I was honored to speak to him about this new book, his views on Scripture, and what he has learned about accomplishing peace and justice in the world.


What brought about the idea of doing a devotional Bible?

I’ve been teaching Bible lessons since I was eighteen years old. I was a midshipman at Annapolis and I taught Sunday school every Sunday. I taught Bible lessons on the submarine, I taught Bible lessons when I was a farmer, I taught Sunday school at the First Baptist Church in Washington about fifteen times while I was actually president, and since then I’ve been teaching at my local church in Plains (Georgia). We have about a hundred people on the roll, we have about thirty who come to church every Sunday, but we have several hundred people come to hear me teach the Bible. I think I’ve just finished teaching six hundred eighty five lessons (laughs), so I teach every Sunday that I’m home in Plains.  So last summer I had both of my knees replaced and I was relatively inactive for awhile so we went through all of my Sunday school lessons and picked out about two hundred parts of them that have gone into this living Bible.  I try in all my lessons to bring the Bible up to date to say “how does the ancient Biblical Scripture apply to our modern day lives?” So that’s why I think Zondervan was willing to have me participate in this new Bible.

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