Inspiration Behind Illusion

New York Times best selling author Frank Peretti talks about the inspiration for his new novel "Illusion."

BY: Gayle Trotter

Frank Peretti

Gayle Trotter:This is Gayle Trotter, and today I’m speaking with New York Times best-selling author Frank Peretti. Mr. Peretti has a thrilling novel coming out called Illusion. Thank you for speaking with me today, Mr. Peretti.

Frank Peretti:It is absolutely my pleasure.

Gayle: I understand that you’re a Christian. What made your faith come alive for you?

Frank: Having a personal, loving day-by-day, moment-by-moment relationship with Jesus Christ. And having his presence and his love and his guidance in my life every day. It’s more than religion; it’s just that relationship. Which is kind of interesting because that’s what the book, Illusion, is about in a metaphorical sense.

Gayle: Your books have delved into dark topics like spiritual warfare. Why don’t you avoid dark topics as other Christian novelists do?

Frank: That was just my genre that I chose and it seems to be effective as a storytelling medium. Suspense, danger, darkness, and a very nice fast-paced story with a chase or a battle at the end — these are things that work very well in fiction. I don’t have any particular preference for a dark, edgy story. As a matter of fact, at this point in my life I’m edging away from that. I think I’d like to do stories that are a little more character-driven and delve more deeply into just personal heart-level matters. Illusion is like that — it’s a good story and it moves, but it’s a very character-driven story. It deals with a relationship.

Gayle: And your new novel Illusion describes some gripping circumstances endured by a husband and wife who’ve been married for forty years. I understand you’ve had a long-lasting marriage too. How much of your marriage is in Illusion?

Frank: I draw upon the love and experience from my own marriage and how I marvel each day that my dear sweet wife has remained so loving and committed to me for forty years. There are images in Illusion that Dane has of Mandy that are straight from my own life: How Mandy smiles and how she travels. In the early days she cooked our dinner on a barbecue out in a public park because we couldn’t afford a room anywhere.

Gayle Yes, that was a great part of your book.

Frank: Yes, Barb and I did all that stuff. I was a traveling musician, and she traveled with me. We didn’t have a roof over our heads. She had a little sewing machine she took with her and she made her own clothes. I marvel now. I look back and I say, “What is it about this wonderful woman that she would remain so tenaciously bound to me in love and commitment for all these years?” It’s the same thing Dane is thinking and feeling and yes, you see at that level my own experience and my own love for my wife are woven through this story. So it’s a tribute to love and relationship and commitment. Boy, it was just time to write it, so I did.

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