God’s Underdog

No matter your current circumstance, use the talents and gifts God has given you to be the best in your “weight class.” Start right where you are.

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Of course, I’ve made my mistakes. Yet God has been gracious and has given me more than I could hope for or imagine. And He is not done expressing His love and blessing upon someone like me and upon you!

Pastors who are faithful to their flocks, all around the world, are my heroes. I never judge a pastor by the size of his church. Imagine if a pecking order is immediately established just because one pastor has a larger church than the next pastor. As we well know, it’s not the size of a church or business (or boxer) that matters. It is whether you are making a difference with what you’ve been given.



My prayer is that whether you are a pastor, businessperson, leader, housewife, student, non-profit founder, almost anyone—you’ll be inspired to take what you have and use it to your best ability.

Ultimately, one day, our highest hope is to hear the greatest affirmation from the Lord, recorded in Matthew 25:21: “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

Every human being on this earth has potential to be all they were created for, but for one reason or another, either fail to attain it or, they become all that the Lord created them to be. Potential is always there.

A church’s full redemptive potential could be realized if, during the lifespan of that church, they were to reach everyone they were supposed to reach. And if that church encouraged the next generation and passed on the mantle of leadership to them, what could that look like? Would it look like 10,000 souls in the life of that church? Fifty thousand? A million?

Consider this: What numerical value could we assign to the first church Jesus ever started over two millennia ago in the Upper Room in Jerusalem? Well, they began with 120. Today, it’s in the untold billions!

In the beginning things weren’t happening fast enough for me. It doesn’t help that I can be competitive. It’s hard to not look at how other churches are doing. Instead, I needed to learn how to admire and emulate. We need to examine ourselves in the mirror and focus on how to reach our own unique potential.

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Mike Kai
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