Behind the Scenes With The Osteens

Beliefnet went behind the scenes with the Osteens as they prepared for America’s Night of Hope in Washington DC. The entire team truly operated like a family working together toward one common goal – leaving the city better than they found it.

BY: Jana Gordon


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but Jonathan chooses to leave us in suspense. One special component of this trip to Washington DC was the Generation Hope Project. Youth came together to participate in several outreach projects in the DC inner city and when asked why they were here one participant said, “we’re just trying to show the Gospel in a different way, out here with community service” and another chimed in “we’re just excited to see what God is going to do with this place!” Joel osteen, Generation Hope Project, Nick Nilson           

This group of extraordinary young people represented youth from Lakewood Church and youth ministries in the DC/Northern Virginia area. Because of them parks were transformed, schools were enhanced and the hearts of all who witnessed the work were change. “It’s meant the world to us,” said Capitol Crisis Pregnancy Center Executive Director Janet Durit, “to have Lakewood Church, the largest church in the country, to send a team of people here to volunteer as Jesus’ servants to do anything they were asked to do. It was really pretty amazing!” The Osteens also donated strollers and necessities to help Durit and her team continue to serve the community.

Joel Osteen, Generation Hope Project

It’s finally the big night!

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