No Shopping on Sundays

Amy Julia Becker describes how the Sabbath rest helps her care for others.


01/16/2012 11:08:58 AM

Thank you so much for sharing this with the world! Very well written and I will be sharing this with family and friends! :-)


10/20/2010 10:47:42 PM

One might say, "Gee, I'm only one person. I'm not gonna' change our 24/7 world by not doing business on Sundays." Think, though, of the person who recently noted that if every member of the LDS Church (13 million) were to donate only $1, monthly, to the various optional Offerings listed on the "Tithes and Offerings" list, as they paid their tithing, each month each organization would be $13 million richer. ...A toothpick, by itself, can easily be broken. Put a few together, though, and it becomes a challenging task. ...Hey, we hafta' start somewhere! Besides, honoring the Sabbath is a commandment. We're blessed when we obey the Lord's commandments...and who can't use more blessings?


08/23/2010 11:31:56 AM

Thank you for sharing the truth about Sunday being the Sabbath. It couldn't be any clearer in the Bible that "on six days the Lord created the heavens and the earth and all that was in them and on the 7th day (Sunday) He rested. If God Himself is giving us an example of resting on this day, then He is telling us that we should use this day for reflection and renewal for a new week to come; to put all work aside and give our Creator all glory. This is His Commandment as shown in Deuteronomy 5. It's simple...let's reflect on Our Creator on this one day a week. If its good enough for Him, it's good enough for me! God Bless.


08/14/2010 04:31:29 PM

continued from before... "This type of rest would serve as a weekly reminder that everyone—the cashiers and bankers and doctors and janitors and teachers and bus drivers and everyone else—is a person created in the image of God. " Thanks for sharing.


08/14/2010 04:30:40 PM

It is wonderful that you've found the benefits of the Sabbath. This sentence stuck out for me


07/12/2010 06:44:42 PM

Sunday is not the Sabbath. There is no place in the bible that seals the change of the Sabbath. This is another lie of Satan. Study for yourselves, if the truth matters.