Stanley Hauerwas Can't Get Saved

In this passage from Stanley Hauerwas' memoir, the famous theologian tells how a life of ministry began with his mother's prayer.


08/16/2010 04:12:21 PM

That was the primary problem that I was plauged with in the mainstream Christian Churches I was involved with during my young adult years, and why I ultimately concluded that "Christianity" was not the best path for me-I was always being challenged to prove that I was just as "saved" as the other person, and made to feel marginalized, and less than welcome in their churches, no matter how often and sincerly I prayed to be "saved"! Thank God I finally discovered the Unitarian Universalist during my lattter years! I'm made to feel very welcome and accepted there, and I'm not challenged to prove myself worthy of being there!


08/12/2010 03:47:39 PM

Religion diversity is so complex and prejudicial. There is one creator of Heaven and Earth. I am HIS daughter.


06/16/2010 06:39:25 AM

Really interesting piece by Stanley Hauerwas. I first remember hearing about, and from, Hauerwas, when my parents, and myself, had the pleasure of attending a DVD introductory series on Progressive Christianity entitiled "LIving the Questins 2", and the few pieces he contributed to it, were fantastic. A case in point was, when, in one study he responded a comment from someone about "Letting God loose in the World", and he thought(expletive deleted), but later came to realise the positve and negative aspects of it. Negative, when we make God in our own image to justify violence and oppresion, and positve, when we live with compassion for, and reach out toone another and and do our bit to preserve God's creation. Only then, can we truly say "Glory to God in the Highest, and peace to all God's people on Earth.


06/11/2010 04:34:42 PM

Interesting that Stanley Hauerwas titled his writing "Can't get saved" when he attended a Methodist Church. And that is because its founder John Wesley had the same problem. Here is an excerpt from my book 'Surprisingly Supernatural: A Practical Guide to Releasing the Gifts of the Spirit" by Neil Gillligan published Destiny Image Apr 2011. "Bishop Spangenberg was an ordinary believer who helped John Wesley receive the assurance of his salvation by receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Wesley received the Spirit and then was able to preach with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. It is reported that 130,000 people came to Christ through John Wesley having preached the kingdom message with power, and as a result he began the Methodist church." John Wesley was not assured of his salvation until he received the Holy Spirit and became an "ordinary believer" which was the name I give to a true Christian. On Youtube I post videos titled "Are You a Child of God or of the World? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. which show Chrisitans are not saved until they ask for Jesus to be their Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit can stay with them. Many more Christians can't get saved, because they did ask to the Lord! I hope that starts to change and followers of Jesus truly become ordinary believers. Neil