Between Allah & Jesus, Part 2

See how the story unfolds between a Christian and a Muslim as they debate Jesus and Muhammad; the Bible and the Qu'ran; and theology and religion, in part two of this book excerpt from "Between Allah and Jesus" by Peter Kreeft.


08/03/2011 07:14:41 AM

now what on earth we have to kill GOD creation because we don't understand what we read or simply we don't want to live this beautiful plane that GOD have giving us sustaint and built as families,muslin and christian let do it, live as families


07/24/2011 04:47:39 PM

What is important here is the common humanity of all people. It is pointless for people to argue about what is essentially unprovable. The importance of religious beliefs is determined by how these beliefs shape the ways we relate to other human beings who do not share our world views. A religion that divides people is not in our common interest. It is unworthy, merely political and divisive. We must take as adults full responsibility for our own beliefs, not some unprovable "authority." Evoking the authority of some deity merely stops dialogue and critical thinking. This divides and leads to the horror of wars so often caused by religious dogma. Empathy, compassion, and inclusion should be the central teachings of all religions.


06/05/2010 02:05:47 PM

It’s important to understand that we may not know all about God. It’s okay just to know enough. Muslims misunderstood the term Son of Allah because they interpreted it only in the physical sense. The term “Son of New York” does not mean your father had sex with the city of New York to beget you. Jesus is called the Son of Allah because He is the Word of Allah: from the Father and of the same divine nature. The word Trinity is not in the Bible. Quran 4:171 explains succinctly, “Christ Jesus … an apostle of Allah, and His Word, … and a spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His apostles (Jesus apostles). Say not ‘Three’ desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is one Allah.” Jesus agreed and said, “the LORD our Allah, the LORD is one” (Mark 12:29). You believe that you, your word, and your spirit are one by good logic, then why not also believe that Allah, His Word Jesus, and His Spirit are all divine and one by the same logic, and not three LORDs But who is the LORD? He is the Hebrew tetragram YHVH or YHWH symbolizing “Hand Revealed Nail Revealed” foreshadowing His coming as Jesus (check it out and see the Ancient Hebrew Pictograph Chart in the internet). It was Jesus (the LORD vs. the Lord meaning Master) who came to see Abraham in Genesis 18. Yes. Abraham worshipped “Hand Revealed Nail Revealed” and yes the LORD our Allah is powerful and can be in Heaven and Earth at the same time. Genesis 19:24 says, “the LORD rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the LORD out of the heavens.” According to the Bible we are saved by Rahman (Grace) through Jesus, not by our own works but as a gift, and transformed by Rahim (Mercy) through the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:4-8, Eph 2:7-8). Truth and Grace came through Jesus (John 1:17). Jesus is the Grace of God or Ar-Rahman in Arabic. Syriac Christians at the time of Muhammad called Jesus as Rahmana (1902 H. Hirschfeld “New Researches into the Composition and Exegesis of the Quran). “This formula – Bimillahi rrahmani rraheem – is of Jewish origin. It was in the first instance taught to the Koreish by Omayah of Taief the poet (one of the Hanyfs, Sprenger, i.76) who was a contemporary with, but somewhat older than, Muhammad, and who, during his mercantile journeys into Arabia Petraea and Syria, had made himself acquainted with the sacred books and doctrines of Jews and Christians (Kitab al-Aghani, 16, Delhi). Muhammad adopted and constantly used it, and it is prefixed to each Sura except the ninth” (1876 J.M.Rodwell “The Koran”). In the original Aramaic Syriac, the invocation is Bismilallaha Rahmana Rhima. And Yes, Allah the Father, His Gracious Word Jesus, and His Merciful Holy Spirit are one LORD, and not three LORD. I think I reconcile all the issues in the article.


05/27/2010 04:01:32 PM

Still a very good and logical argument. A few comments , though. A good argument that "there is no God but God," but not about the Prophet. As understand it, the Quran was dictated, not inspired. So it's more litterally true. But Isa's argument seems to be another idea from logic, "Victory by Definition." Anything in the Bible that agrees with the Quran is true; anything that doesn't, is not. Hard to argue with that idea. And anyway, I could possibly agree that Muhammad is "a" prophet, not that he is THE Prophet. As I said before, why not Joseph Smith or Bahu'allah? But at least we're respecting each other's beliefs. We have no infidels or heretics. Just two believers arguing their beliefs. Wish we could have been doing that for the past few centuries, rather than having religious wars. But there's always hope!


05/27/2010 02:31:50 PM

Whereupon there emanates the supreme justification of a superiority necessarily seeking the material manifestation of the necessity of itself as spiritually superior to all which, by way of a logic inherently guided with passion, has been judged to be necessarily inferior in spirit. If the shadow roll and blinders are logically in place and the mudders have eaten their fodder, the ineluctable race, in spite of the rain, is a winningly foregone conclusion. All you need do is to force the blind to seek, either by logical hook or by passionate crook of the straight of another’s path. Adambages Obvos.