Kirk Frankin on How to Live Above Life's Storms

How to Live Above Life's Storms

Kirk Franklin in chair

By Kirk Franklin

"See, when I was coming up, I didn’t have a blueprint or any kind of instruction manual on how to be a man. The street corner was my classroom. And all you have to do is look at any city corner to know that my education was flawed, and so was my behavior. Many of us have no blueprint, or a bad blueprint. Whether you grew up with only a mom, a drunk daddy, or a crack-addicted sister, I’m here to tell you there IS a blueprint for how to handle everything that life throws at you. It’s not Kirk Franklin’s blueprint—it’s the blueprint that’s been passed from generation to generation. And I know that whenever I went against it, I was slapped down and had to learn how to come correct. What I have to offer isn’t perfection—it’s experience. I’ve lived through what many of you are experiencing."

Click through to discover the blueprint Kirk Franklin has used to help him live above life's storms.

Excerpted from THE BLUEPRINT by Kirk Franklin. Copyright (c) 2010 by Kirk Franklin. Reprinted by arrangement with Gotham Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc.

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