God Wants You to Have (Lots of) Sex

God's rules about sex are like instructions before skydiving--pointers for having the time of your life.


11/10/2011 12:58:46 PM

Somehow, the employment of scripture references would have made this passage more powerful. When God is spoken of, it is always in line to be more specific.


03/03/2010 05:02:22 PM

This article..is about book sales...sex sells, in and out of religious contexts, these authors are like so many of the Christian Psychobabble brigade...sell another book (of info I have been hearing from progressive pastors for over 10 years). Basically it is another 'Yeah it's ok to have sex' God wants us to have sex yada yada..don't need a book for that unless you don't know what your body parts are for. And there is no mystery about God's view on marriage if you believe in the Judeo/Christian Holy Bible....don't need to waste your money.


03/03/2010 11:43:26 AM

I like the fact that God has many facets and with that being said we should not be ashamed or afraid to discuss the sexual aspect of our christian lives. Here the author discusses, from a biblical standpoint, the reasons and nature of "covenantal love" (I'd never heard that term before today). And oh what a wonderful revelation it is when it is explored by two married christians who are partners in Christ. God told us to "be fruitful and multiply the earth" and the method He chose for us to accomplish this task was through sex between a man and a woman within a covenant relationship. It was always intended to be beautiful, unique and purposeful. We should all be thankful for such a loving Father who would give a world filled with pleasures to enjoy and who created a process to experience this activity within the sanctity of marriage.


03/02/2010 10:52:16 AM

I believe the garden refference doesnt imply "lots of sex", what it does imply is the lack of shame.


03/02/2010 03:56:30 AM

I agree with this article, I believe that if you can have that kind of relationship with your husband/wife the world would be a much better place, there should not be any embarrassment. I wish everything was like it was then. The world would be much easier. I do agree some parts made me wince but it's honest... nothing wrong with a bit of honesty after all.


02/28/2010 06:04:18 PM

Many good insights here that I never thought of. Keep writing this way!


02/27/2010 01:56:21 AM

But, pretty good article ,it made me wince


02/27/2010 01:54:35 AM

I am female and there is no-way I going to do it because God wants it.